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That is what Blood:Water Mission is asking you to do this year.

Kind of.

From March 1 until April 9 the organization is asking that you give up all forms of liquid except for water as part of their 40 Days of Water Campaign.

You might also notice that their dates don’t actually coincide with the 46 days of Lent which begins on  Ash Wednesday (Feb 25) and goes until April 11.

From their blog:

We challenge you to make Water your ONLY beverage for 40 DAYS starting MARCH 1 and ending APRIL 9 in conjunction with the Lenten Season and World Water Day (Mar. 22).  Gather your friends and join in solidarity with our African brothers and sisters in an effort to provide clean water for communities in need.

There is a slight catch though:

As you do so, we ask that you keep track of what money you would have typically spent on other drinks throughout the day and save that money.  At the end of 40 days donate what you saved to Blood:Water.  Imagine, if you saved $5 a day just by cutting out a visit to your local bar or barista, then you’d save $200 in 40 days.  That’s enough to provide clean water for 200 people for an entire year!

What do you think?

40 days of water banner
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I took about 150 pictures during our weekend trip to Gooseberry Falls! So the series of posts is just a selection of the best, I turned them into collages to take up less bandwidth and stuff. It was so hard to decide on pictures and I got a little carried away with this one! These are pictures of our hike up the Gooseberry River to see several of the falls.

This one is going to be a little harder to describe – but I’ll start at the top since that’s the beginning! The Upper, Lower, and Middle Falls are pretty accessible and the Middle and Lower are actually handicap accessible so this was a quick jaunt from the Visitor’s Center.

The top three are all taken at the Middle Falls. The falls had a lot of water flowing through them from snow melt and were even still frozen at some points. Which added some extra beauty – despite the dark brown water!

The one on the right, above the lettering is the Upper Falls which is the one we had the best angle at before walking around to be right above it! There was a pretty sweet bridge which you can see below the picture of the two of us! And yes those are our feet dangling over the edge of the waterfall! We did something similar while in Colorado on our honeymoon!

The next pictures are of random stuff along the mile hike to the Fifth Falls. Those are large ice junks floating down the river. Kristofer is trying to break one but broke his stick several times, before giving up!

We finally made it to the Fifth Falls which weren’t overly spectacular but still cool. There was another bridge that went over the top of them. And Christy’s was standing on the railing trying to get a better view!!

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That is the concept behind PlayPumps International.

Remember my World Water Day post?

I think the largest stat that works for this post is that every 15 seconds a child dies from diahrriea caused by unsafe water and inadequate sanitation.

By harnassing kids play time and power, PlayPumps pumps the water from a hole in the ground, into a storage tank, which can then be gotten from a spigot!! Not stopping there, PlayPumps also used the water storage tank as a revenue source, providing 4 billboards (2 commercial and 2 educational). This revenue is used to offset the cost of maintenance on the pump!
Somebody had their thinking hat on that day!! They are just over 25% of the way through a campaign called 100 pumps in 100 days. Click here to learn more about that campaign.

Of course there are other groups including Blood:Water Mission that are focused on well projects in the developing world.

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