From the Perspectives National Office:

We also wanted to pass on to you this prayer request from a Perspectives class in Tennessee, so that we may stand in prayer by fellow Perspectives students and leaders who are hurting.

One of the tornadoes that hit earlier this week went through Jackson, TN. A Perspectives class was beginning that night in a church about 6 miles away from Union University, with about 20 students from Union University attending. While they were at class, the EF-4 Tornado came through and destroyed a number of dorms on campus, damaging every building and (according to the news) over 90% of the cars.

Will you and your students pray for these Perspectives students in Jackson, that they may be a blessing to others, that the emotional drain they are sensing may be comforted by the joy of the Lord, and that their housing needs may be met. Also, pray for strength and wisdom for the Coordinator, Task Force, and Regional Director.

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