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We went to the St Paul Winter Carnival‘s Snow and Ice Sculptures today. Pictures are on Flickr (ice and snow). ‘
It was warm and rained while they were making them and we went a week after they were finished, so it wasn’t quite as nice as previous years.

Here is one picture of each, both won 1st place:

Bird Cage

1st Place

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From Art Shanty Projec

When you take art and throw in some ice or snow you get a fun-filled afternoon or in our case 2 afternoons!

This past weekend started with a trip to nearby Powderhorn Park for the 2nd Annual Art Sled Rally. But first we had a stop at the Midtown Global Market for some Holy Land buffet! Excellent Middle Eastern food at an affordable price.

Then the next day we ventured out to Medicine Lake, near Plymouth, MN, and explored the Art Shanty Project.

Yes an absolutely wonderful weekend. The weather was perfect each day too which made it even better.

From Art Sled Rally

As you can imagine I took a lot of pictures, too many to even attempt to post here!

The Art Sled Rally was simply a sledding extravaganza where individuals and groups got together and made creative sleds.  Some were simply cardboard over a plastic sled while others were elaborate like that Star Wars Landspeed racer!  We got our spot at the bottom of the hill and enjoyed watching successful sledders make it to the bottom, some crash into the crowd, and some fly into pieces crashing at the bottom!  This is a link to my Picasa Album, here is a piece with video from MPR and a YouTube video of the beer explosion.

From Art Shanty Project

The Art Shanty Project was not quite as cool as the rally but was still very interesting and well worth the drive.  Basically when you ice fish, you want to have some type of shelter to help keep you warm and to help block the wind.  These can be called ice houses, but for this instance they are ice shanties!   Add some creativity and a little art and you have a nice little festival on the ice.  Some of the shanties were quite unique like the 3 story tall tower or the live theater shanty.  Others involved physical labor like the Peace Coffee making shelter where you pedal powered the radio and coffee maker or the shanty on wheels that you could pedal around the area.  Another highlight was the confessional shanty where you could write your confession and send it off to the fishies (or have it hung on the outside wall).   There was a lot of publicity about this project in it’s sixth year so you can visit their site for some great information and see pictures at my Picasa Album.

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This was from earlier today…

Here’s a pic from our doorway (the snow was really blowing around, it is also supposed to snow for a few more hours, but I’m going to shovel so Christy can make it home!)

Note: I just shovelled our walk and stepped into a snow bank over my knee!!! We have 3 steps up to the walkway to the door, that was where I stepped down!

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