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When you start talking about social justice and advocating for the poor as a Christian some may wonder where you are at spiritually. When we moved to Minneapolis we were looking for a church community that was focused on creating change in the community and serving the “least of these.” We found some places that were doing excellent work but we felt that they were also taking away the importance of Christ for salvation. We have found a church that we feel is doing a good job of both caring for our neighbors while at the same time preaching salvation through Christ alone.

Both aspects of that can be pretty tricky and scary for others, but both are vital to our Christian faith and walk. We believe that salvation is through Christ alone, but we must also work out our faith.

I have read many books by “liberal, left-wing Christians” who many on the right would say aren’t really Christ followers because of their positions. I often find myself agreeing with the so called left-wingers on many issues. So I was quite pleased by this recent interview with Jim Wallis, who many see as the leader of the “Evangelical Left.”

For me it was great to hear him say this line:

And I just said, “… we’re committed to the central lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Scriptures.”

But many of his responses were powerful to me. I have mentioned before (1 2 3) that I am against killing unborn children – but the answer isn’t necessarily outlawing abortions.

But the abortion question is real. It’s a moral issue. The number of unborn lives that are lost every year is alarming. It’s a moral tragedy. And I want Democrats to say it’s a tragedy, and to take it seriously. Whichever Democrat wins, Barack or Hillary, I’m going to work very hard to make abortion reduction a central Democratic Party plank in this election. It never has been before. Their plank is simply a woman’s right to choose. That’s not adequate. The Democratic Party is not going to call for criminalization, but they can call for serious abortion reduction. And I want Republicans to not have only a plank that they trod over every four years to win elections. I want them to try and actually help reduce the abortion rate.

Bottom line: Jesus came to save us as individuals, but also to redeem the world. We need to be His hands and feet in the world bringing about salvation and change. Being a hater isn’t showing Christ love for a world in need of Love.

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I am pro-life (who wants to be pro-death?) but I have mixed feelings about legislating and eliminating the “right” to have an abortion. I personally feel that there are better ways to deal with abortions than eliminating them. Doing so would only send us back to the 60’s where women were having black market abortions and risking their lives to do so. If you say that is a fair punishment for killing their baby, you are a little sick in my humble opinion.

I’ve always felt there has to be better options. I have met and talked with people from Planned Parenthood (they don’t preach 100% abortion), but they do miss the point and abstinence-only education completly missed the point too. A more comprehnsive approach is needed. I like the ABC method (Abstinence, Being Faithful, and Condems) of education, b/c in reality and unfortunately people are going to have sex outside of marriage. But if we look at many of the causes of abortion we’ll see that many are related to economics or lack of support.

I think Congress may finally be on the right track with two pieces of legislation introduced by members of Democrats for Life. One is entitled Pregnant Women Support Act (HR 6145) and Reducing the Need for Abortions and Supporting Parents Act (HR 6067).

I find it interesting that Democrats introduced the bill and are most of the sponsors. Hopefully some pro-life Republicans will get their head out of the mud and see that they can help end abortions without outlawing them.

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