The focal point of our trip to the farm and the main reason we attended was to pick strawberries.  Yes, there are other places to strawberry pick closer to home, but this was a unique opportunity to do so out our place.  Harmony Valley Farm is pretty clear to their CSA members that they want us to think of it as ours. It is a good marketing message, but in a sense it is also quite literally true – being a CSA member is like buying stock in a company.

So we picked lots of strawberries.  In the picture you can see my delightful wife with a purple bowl full, plus we got our 2 free pints.  We had to pay $2.50 a pound for the sweet organic delicacies.  We ended up with just over 2lbs plus the 2 pints!

Even with the occasional light shower we had a grand time picking strawberries! Thank you Harmony Valley.
The cute kids belong to our friends the Deckers.

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