TouchstoneThe first full day of owning a Pre was pretty nice.  It was a little frustrating too.  My phone charged well overnight on the Touchstone.

Touchstone is a sweet charging system that Palm developed.  It uses the standard USB charger that plugs into a AC/USB converter into the wall.  Then instead of plugging into the phone you plug into the “stone”.  The stone allows you to lay your phone (with a special  magnetized back) onto it to charge.  It is supposed to find the sweet spot which allows it to charge wirelessly.

While on the touchstone the screen displays a digital clock.  Like I said, my phone charged well overnight and was fully charged as I headed to work.  I usually stream The Current on my laptop, but I think the evil IT people finally blocked it.  No worries I have my new phone with Pandora and Sprint Radio which features a few local radio stations.  So I streamed music over Sprint’s high speed network and it sounded good and worked well.  It also sucks your battery life.

I finally shut it off so I would have a battery left.  I made a phone call on the way home and arrived in time to get it on the Touchstone before it died.  It is sweet when you set it on the Touchstone it automatically switches to speakerphone for you.  The call ended and I assumed everything was great.  I went in later and realized that my phone had died and was turned off.

I couldn’t get it to turn back on, even though it showed the charging symbol.  Ok, it might take a little bit to get the energy to turn on.  Nope, 20 minutes later nothing had changed.  It had frozen in the battery charging symbol.  I used Palm’s reset directions to no avail.  So I did what the Sprint guy said not to do – took out the battery.  I had never had to do this with my Centro, so it was a little disappointing.  But after doing that everything worked well.

Another minor frustration today was with the contact lists.  The Pre syncs to my gmail contact list which I spent a few hours cleaning up over the weekend.  However it automatically merges contacts with similar information.  I went to text one of my sisters and couldn’t find her name.  I discovered the culprit.  One of her e-mail addresses was listed in both her name and my dad’s.  So the Pre merged the two together.  So I fixed it in gmail by deleting her old e-mail address.  Still didn’t change on the Pre.

But I found a way to unlink profiles on the phone.  And now that works well. In contacts it showed a little number 2 next to my dad’s name (where the picture should be) so I touched (clicked) it and that showed the two accounts that were linked.  Then I touched her name and was given the option to “unlink this profile” it worked magically!

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