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HT Buckeye Battle Cry

I was encouraged by this article to write about the blogs I read and share why I read them, with you my readers. So here it goes!

I am a huge Ohio State fan, born and raised in southern Ohio with pretty much my entire family attending it seems pretty logical.  Each year Ohio State Football is a HUGE deal, even now as I live in the Hoosier state, I am still a BUCKEYE!  We even went to a game awhile back.

The best way I’ve found to stay up on what is happening in Buckeye Country is by reading the Columbus Dispatch’s Buckeye Blog: Blogging the Buckeyes.

During the week reporters hit on news topics concerning the team and on game day they provide snippets throughout the game. This is a little less formal than the actual news reports submitted to the paper and provides a more interactive approach to Buckeye news.

So if you are a fan of the best football team in the country be sure to check this blog out.






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Well, after demolishing fellow Ohio team Kent State, the Ohio State Buckeyes have moved themselves into first place in the polls. But more importantly, OSU is now ranked #1 in the coveted BCS standings. And we were there to see it happen. I must admit it is a little hard to beleive that OSU is #1, but they are the only undefeated football team in the country now, so they do deserve it. Tim May at the Columbus Dispatch’s Blogging the Buckeyes says:

The Buckeyes are going to be No.1 today mainly because other people did stupid things at critical moments on Saturday. Is Ohio State the best team in the country? Hey, that doesn’t matter. Winning is all that matters, especially when everybody else keeps losing.

We had an excellent time watching the scoring rampange known as a football game! We had seats in 29A Row 19 so those were very excellent seats. My sister (a student at OSU) was way up high, in the highest possible seats! So during the 4th Quarter she came down to sit with us and enjoy watching the freshmen play! Or was that the band?

I really liked what head coach Jim Tressel said when asked about the Number 1 ranking:

Our guys have done what has been needed to be done to this point in the year,
and we are pleased with that effort and progress, but not content. With the most
demanding part of our schedule remaining with five Big Ten conference games,
there is a lot of work ahead of us. We’ve improved each week, but we understand
that the only poll that counts is the last one.

I like Tressel and what he has done with the team both on the field and off. They are family and he lets his Christian values be part of the family.

Great work coach!

View more photos from the game and pre-game skull session. I have some really grainy video of the band. See them marching the script Ohio and then Dotting the i.

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