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We are preparing for a visit from my in-laws in a few weeks. As part of that process we created a list of things they will want to see while they are here. We’ll be going with them to a lot of these things but some they will visit on their own.

First of all, they are arriving via the Megabus. Round-trip from Indianapolis to Minneapolis (one pole to the other) their bus tickets are just around $100 (total for both of them)!!

  • MICKY’S DINER (St. Paul) famous diner in several movies.
  • CANDYLAND (St. Paul) a great little candy store!
  • FAMOUS DAVE’S Pit BBQ (Minneapolis – Uptown) Great BBQ in a really fun part of time with lots of cute little shops!
  • THE BAD WAITRESS (Minneapolis) This diner is right across the street from our church, it lives up to its name! Its funny so check it out!
  • THE MALL OF AMERICA (Bloomington) We could spend a whole day here!! It is huge!!
  • MINNEHAHA FALLS (Minneapolis) this is beautiful! Maybe we can rent one of those 4 person bikes!
  • MILL CITY MUSEUM – WALKING TOURS (Minneapolis, historic St. Anthony) Not sure if the museum sounds great but the walking tours sound cool looks like there is one on Fri and Sat
  • THE WALKER ART CENTER (Minneapolis) We haven’t been yet but is supposed to be a really cool art museum with special outdoor art and an artists putt putt course!
  • COMO ZOO, CONSERVATORY, AND BUTTERFLY GARDEN (St. Paul) This is free zoo, the butterfly garden is super fun!
  • LYNDALE ROSE GARDEN (Minneapolis) We went here the other day! It was beautiful. It is next to a park where there are outdoor concerts most nights!
  • THE GLOBAL MARKET (Minneapolis) A couple of blocks from our house there are fun restaurants and shops along with concerts!
  • LAKE CALHOUN (Minneapolis) One of our favorite lakes near-by has a beach boat rental!! and a good view of the city

This is just a sampling of what there is to do in the city and really represents her parents interests – her dad is a big diner fan!

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Saturday was the epitome of summer fun!! After my 5K we lounged around for awhile before deciding to bike 7 miles to the Como Zoo, wandering around until closing time and then riding to the Stone Arch Bridge Arts Festival. Sadly the festival was closed but we continued our meandering bike journey and discovered some new islands along the Mississippi River before enjoying Chipotle on Nicollet Mall downtown. We arrived safely home in time to enjoy the thunderstorm that took out 10,000 people’s power across the west Metro. That is a lot to pack into 5 hours including 20 miles on the bike!

Como Zoo

Butterfly Garden

Views of Downtown from the Northeast Side


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This past weekend was the Minnesota Bike Festival which had several different cycling competitions throughout the metro-area. One of the major events was a criterium course in downtown Minneapolis. This 4 stage of the festival was aptly called the Minneapolis Downtown Classic. We watched with friends Kristofer and Amy and had a great Friday evening. Here are a few pics from the night – all taken with my cellphone!

Women’s Race

Men’s Race
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A Minneapolis school used grant money to purchase exercise balls for the entire classroom to use. Used both as a desk chair and form of exercise they have become a critical part of the daily routine.

During my visit, several students told me that sitting on the balls while they work helps them concentrate. During the recent Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) exams, students begged Hartman to try to change the start time of the test so they could get their morning workout in. They felt it would help them do better on the test.

They are used for positive reinforcement, the kids will do almost anything to keep their balls. I must say this a pretty innovative idea for a classroom and it is great to see teachers really thinking outside the box to create safe and fun learning environments for our kids to learn in – and throw in some physical activity too!

There is a nice video that goes with the article but it isn’t embedable so you’ll just have to go look at the site for yourself!

From the Minnesota Press

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As Bike to Work week draws to a close I found two newspaper articles quite intriguing.

The first comes from the Star Tribune which says that Minneapolis is ranked second in the nation for the number of bike commuters. While the other comes from the Indy Star which says that Indianapolis is ranked second from last in bike commuters! Quite the contrast.

Part of the reason is that Indy just doesn’t have the infrastructure – bike lanes and trails – to really support widespread bike commuting. Indianapolis has 6 miles of bike lanes and 13 miles of bike trails while Minneapolis alone has 40 miles of on road bike lanes and close to 80 miles of off-road paved trails. Indy also is missing other elements that make Mpls a great place to bike commute – shower facilities, downtown gym facilities (for showering etc), bike lockers, and ample bike racks.

Don’t get me wrong Minneapolis has a long way to come in being bike friendly, but it is a lot of small stuff that improves safety like street cleaning roads with bike lanes first, enforcing parking restrictions in bike lanes, etc. There is a strong biking culture here in Minneapolis that supports biking and attracts bikers. Did I mention that people bike to work even in the winter? Yea, that’s hard core!

It is a little crazy to bike in -34 wind chills but people were out on the Greenway (I guess its a little crazy that I was out there running and saw them!!). They tend to ride bikes with wider tires and some people even have a summer and winter bike. So yes it is a pretty strong bike culture!

Here are some random links I found, I haven’t looked through them all.



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Here are two excellent logos that I found while doing research on Somali Social Services in Minneapolis. The first is from the African Development Center and I don’t remember what the second one is. Aren’t they pretty cool?

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The wait is finally over! I have accepted a position in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Coats, Gloves, and Scarves might be good too since we’ll be moving to the arctic tundra in the middle of winter.  We are very excited about the opportunity that has been presented for us to make this transition at this point in our lives. 

We will be joining one of our dear friends (she is actually the one who introduced Christy and I), while pursuing excellent professional opportunities. 

Beginning January 7, I will be a Volunteer Coordinator in one of the middle schools in the Minneapolis Public School system.  This is actually a position I found through the Americorps which I will be joining as part of the position.  In a nutshell, by job will be to assist the school in developing a volunteer infrastructure, recruiting, training and supporting volunteers, and integrating the community into the school.  I will also provide service learning and leadership development opportunities for the students!

The most exciting aspect of this position and the particular school that I’ll be working at is that the student population is predominantly Somalian. Minneapolis has a large Somali and Hmong refugee population.  You probably are aware of my passion for Africa and our desire to some day be working overseas, this is an excellent opportunity to be working with and supporting Somalian individuals who are trying to put their life together after fleeing terrible violence.

As I write this little note, Christy is still trying to obtain employment, but as an RN we are highly optimistic that she’ll be offered something soon! We are also still trying to nail down housing and other similar arrangements.  So your continued prayer in that area would be greatly appreciated.  Our current plan is to leave Anderson on January 3rd. 

If you can’t tell we are excited, but we are also saddened as we prepare to leave our many friends and our families.  We continue to trust that God has amazing things in store for our lives and hope to stay in contact with you, so please stay in contact with us! 

If ever your path should wander to Minnesota, you will have a welcome mat at your feet and a warm place to sleep!

This is an e-mail I sent to friends, family, and colleagues and now I’m sharing with you my blog friends!

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