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Awhile back I wrote a list of links that we had e-mailed to my in-laws so
they could pick out some places to visit on their recent week here in the Twin Cities. Around the same time Bible Money Matters wrote a post about frugal things to do in the Metro-area. Our lists had a lot of overlap.

You may know that the Republican National Convention is being held in St Paul, so naturally there is a lot of tourism buzz around the Twin Cities. This led to the New York Times writing a list of things to see during the 36 hours before the convention starts. I took a look at the list and we’ve done quite a few of these things. So here is there list:

1) MINNEHAHA FALLS – check! website we saw it in the winter and summer!!

2) INTERMISSION WITH A VIEW aka Guthrie Theater –not yet website this is a pretty cool looking theater from the outside with a cantilevered bridge that let’s you stand above the Mississippi River!

3) THAT’S SOME MEATBALL aka 112 Eatery – not yet website there are a ton of great places to eat in the Twin Cities so it may take awhile to hit them all up.

4) WAREHOUSES FOR HUMANS aka 414 Soundbar and Lee’s Liquor Loungeprobably not we aren’t big drinkers so these may be cool and all, but we’ll probably pass.

5) YOU GOING TO EAT THAT? aka Al’s Breakfast not yet sounds great.

6) A NECKLACE OF BLUE aka Chain of Lakes definitely been there! website this is a wonderful part of the city that you could just spend lots of time relaxing and enjoying the sights.

7) SPOON FEEDING aka Walker Art Center just wentwebsite we actually went while the in-laws where here. The art is very modern, the sculpture garden is a lot of fun, and the putt-putt golf course is challenging. The course is “artist designed mini-golf.”

8) AMBULATORY RETAIL aka Mall of America and beyond done Mall of America, never heard of the others. Mall of America is large and an impressive display of consumerism. The other stores listed, Bibelot, Cooks of Crocus Hill, and Dixies on Grand sound pretty interesting but may not be worth the drive.

9) THE NORTH STAR aka nightlife in Uptown. We enjoy the Uptown scene but in short spurts and we’ve never really fully indulged. They suggested Brasa Rotisserie, 331 Club, and Nye’s Polonaise Room.

10) HERE COMES A REGULAR aka CC Club Nope. See #4

11) MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER aka St Paul City Hall and Mickey’s Diner never thought to visit city hall, Mickey’s is great! We’ve been to Minneapolis’ City Hall which is quite impressive. Mickey’s Diner is a cool relic of a by-gone era. Nice greasy food in an old diner car featured in movies and replicated.

12) A HISTORIC VISIT aka Minnesota History Center Should have. The History Center has had some pretty good exhibits since we’ve been here but we never made the journey.


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This past weekend we went camping again. We had planned on going for about two weeks but the weather looked daunting. It was pouring in the Twin Cities and was supposed to rain throughout the night and a chance of snow Saturday morning. Not the best forecast for camping – but we have cold weather gear. After much deliberating we decided to flip a coin, eventually the coin told us to go camping. So we finished packing and loaded up the car.

We were headed to St Croix State Park which is less than two hours away and was far enough south that it should have missed the previous weeks snow storm. We took our time getting there through rush hour and deluges. We arrived around 8pm – checked in and headed to the campsite. Our original plan was to car camp on Friday and then backpack to some sites for Saturday night. The park only had one of three campgrounds open and had actually just turned the water on at the shower house! We got to our site and hurriedly put up the tent – this is our new 4 season backpacking tent so it is pretty easy to put up and the inside didn’t get very wet due to the limited amount of screen and the attached rain fly. I’d say in 5 minutes we were ready to go. We got back in the car to warm up a bit before making the final surge and calling it a night inside the tent!

It was a cold night in the lower 30’s but we did ok in our mummy bags. We awoke Saturday morning fearing the worst – but found clear skies and warming temperatures. An early morning drive to get warm turned into an all day adventure. We had left the gear in the car so we were able to have a picnic breakfast next to the St Croix River.

You can see from the pictures that there was a lot of standing water and rivers and streams were overflowing. We had some camera malfunctions so some of these pictures are taken with my cell phone!

It has been a busy week so I haven’t had a chance to do much else with pictures. I will try to get more ready and update you later on the rest of the weekend!

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This past weekend was beautiful here in Minneapolis, lots of sun shine and even some decent temperatures. Monday was nice too, I went for a morning run with only 2 thin layers on (instead of the several thick ones I’d been wearing). Throughout the day I heard about an oncoming onslaught of arctic air and snow storms – so I checked it out.

I found this article, which wasn’t exactly welcome news. Here is a short snippet:

Blustery winds associated with the front will send the temperature free falling to a chilly minus 16 degrees by Tuesday night and wind chill values will register minus 30 degrees or colder, the National Weather Service said.

The predicted overall temperature swing of 58 degrees from Monday’s high to Tuesday low is indeed extreme.

According to assistant DNR state climatologist Pete Boulay, the record swing in a 24-hour period is 71 degrees, when the temperature dropped 71 degrees from 78 to 7, at Lamberton on April 3, 1982. The Twin Cities’ 24-hour record swing is 51 degrees, set on Dec. 26, 1903, when the temperature rose from 17 below to 34 above.

The predicted swing for midnight tonight to midnight Tuesday night is 46 degrees, from 34 above to 12 below. The last single-day swing close to that was on April 18, 1985, when the temperature fell 45 degrees.

From ForecastFox

(the image is just the high temperatures!)

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