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This past weekend we went camping with our good friends the Johnson’s.  You may recall that we did this last year as well and it might become an annual tradition.  I don’t quite have the time to make collages like I did from last year’s pictures (1 2 3 4, but it is really hard to choose only a few pictures to post from just over 300 that I took.

We had a good time exploring some new parts of Gooseberry and also just re-experiencing some of the old, including Split Rock Lighthouse.  The waterfall is such an amazing thing to see, all the power and glory of the rushing water.  It is also amazing to watch Lake Superior.  This year it was cool and misty for most of Saturday with a little splurt of flurries for a bit.  This makes for a dark and wavy lake.  On Sunday it was sunny and calm which brings out a whole new set of colors and experiences on the lake.  See if you can see the contrast in the pictures!

Our only real mishap this year was that our camping stove had a gas leak in the valve which  made for a slow cooking process and an interesting torch experience!  We are now more equipped for “cool” camping and enjoyed the warmth of our zero degree sleeping bags!

Now for some of the pictures:

We had a great time.

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We recently went camping in Bayfield Wisconsin. We had a great time and were pleased that it wasn’t too cold and that lots of leaves were still on the trees. Our camp site was nestled right next to Lake Superior with a sweet view of Basswood Island. One day was spent wandering around a bunch of apple orchards, testing a wide variety of apple flavors and even picking a bag of our own. Our favorite orchards was the Sunset Valley Orchard. The owners were extremely friendly and generous with his apples.

I haven’t really had time to play with the pictures at all, so below is a slideshow of pictures.

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This third collage of pictures is from our lunch at Lake Superior. This is actually part of the beach at the State Park, where pictures from part 1 were taken! This wasn’t too fancy of a lunch since we had carried it in our packs all morning. It was still some good food though and we had fun warming ourselves on the rocks. It is amazing the temperature difference from being in the woods to being on the exposed rocks next to the Lake with all the wind!

I think most of these pictures are self-explanatory. But the upper left one was taken from the Visitor’s Center looking towards the Lake and you can see the river below. The one right next to that is a similar shot without the river. The top right picture is actually the Gooseberry River – hard to believe since it doesn’t look like it is flowing very fast at this point. And yes there were signs along the side of the river here saying it wasn’t a good idea to swim, but there was a campsite along the river for Kayakers.

The beach was beautiful with the calm water and touches of snow!

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