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I took about 150 pictures during our weekend trip to Gooseberry Falls! So the series of posts is just a selection of the best, I turned them into collages to take up less bandwidth and stuff. It was so hard to decide on pictures and I got a little carried away with this one! These are pictures of our hike up the Gooseberry River to see several of the falls.

This one is going to be a little harder to describe – but I’ll start at the top since that’s the beginning! The Upper, Lower, and Middle Falls are pretty accessible and the Middle and Lower are actually handicap accessible so this was a quick jaunt from the Visitor’s Center.

The top three are all taken at the Middle Falls. The falls had a lot of water flowing through them from snow melt and were even still frozen at some points. Which added some extra beauty – despite the dark brown water!

The one on the right, above the lettering is the Upper Falls which is the one we had the best angle at before walking around to be right above it! There was a pretty sweet bridge which you can see below the picture of the two of us! And yes those are our feet dangling over the edge of the waterfall! We did something similar while in Colorado on our honeymoon!

The next pictures are of random stuff along the mile hike to the Fifth Falls. Those are large ice junks floating down the river. Kristofer is trying to break one but broke his stick several times, before giving up!

We finally made it to the Fifth Falls which weren’t overly spectacular but still cool. There was another bridge that went over the top of them. And Christy’s was standing on the railing trying to get a better view!!

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On the first weekend of April we thought we could pull off a camping trip with good friends Amy and Kristofer. We packed up the bags and car and took off North! We drove a couple hours ending at Gooseberry Falls, just north of Duluth, right on Lake Superior. We knew it would be tent camping with no water. We ended up being the only campers for the weekend.

The next several posts will highlight the trip with photographs. I’ll try to provide some commentary along the way! This first part shows (starting bottom left going counter-clockwise) our campsite with the tent pitched. Our tent wasn’t actually on any snow although it was pretty much all around the campsite. It got into the 30’s at night but Saturday ended up in the upper-40’s if not 50’s.

Next is Christy and Kristofer cooking breakfast over the open-fire! We ended up having to cook all our meals this way because the stove wasn’t working properly.

This little squirrel was quite friendly and was scampering about for several minutes. He liked my tevas which were just sitting on the rock. It was funny to watch him run around.

The next several highlight the scenic views of Lake Superior. We were about a quarter of a mile from the Lake on one side which was all rock cliffs and some great viewing and about a 1/2 mile away from the actual beach which was also some great views. The snow on the rock faces was amazing. It was so cool to see how the water had just frozen and hadn’t melted yet. These were all on the north face of the rocks which is why there is still so much snow!

The middle top is actually a picture looking down the Gooseberry River towards the Lake.

Definitely some beautiful scenery… and we haven’t left the campground area yet!

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