Our church is going to attempt to show how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually in every book of the Bible over the next year or so.  It could get interesting as there are 66 books to cover.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as we began the series this week.

A little background

Luke 24:44-49 is kind of the basis for this series:

Then he said, “Everything I told you while I was with you comes to this: All the things written about me in the Law of Moses, in the Prophets, and in the Psalms have to be fulfilled.”

He went on to open their understanding of the Word of God, showing them how to read their Bibles this way. He said, “You can see now how it is written that the Messiah suffers, rises from the dead on the third day, and then a total life-change through the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed in his name to all nations—starting from here, from Jerusalem! You’re the first to hear and see it. You’re the witnesses. What comes next is very important: I am sending what my Father promised to you, so stay here in the city until he arrives, until you’re equipped with power from on high.”

So that is the starting point…

A good place to start this type of study of the Bible is obviously Genesis! What does the creation of the world have to teach us about Jesus? Surprisingly a lot. Every time I read or think about parts of the Bible you can see something new or unique.  If you just read Genesis as a story book you’ll say that was a good story.  If you read it from a missions standpoint you’ll gather some new insights about being a missionary. If you read it while thinking about the Gospel of Jesus you’ll pick out some new prophetic ideas.

Interestingly, Tim decided to read from a new book his family got as most of his message. He read from The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name which really brought out some neat ideas about the Bible and Genesis.  He assures us that he won’t read to us from it each week, but I think it was rather appropriate and easily summarized the 50 chapter of Genesis into a 40 or so minute message.  (The above pictures are from the book and are Abraham taking Issac to the altar)

Below are some of the tidbits I gleaned from the message:

– God wrote “I love you” in all of creation.

– The Bible is about God and what He has done, not about us.

– Most of the people in the Bible aren’t really heroes, just ordinary people.

– Every story in the Bible whispers Jesus’ name.

– Satan wants to end God’s love story.

– When God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden, He promised that He would come back and rescue them at some point in the future.

– Jesus was God’s secret rescue plan for His beloved children.

– We are lovely, only because God loves us right now, even in our sin!

Some of those statements are a fresh way of looking at something, offering a new insight.

Some of those are really exciting.

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