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David went a little off-topic for Friday’s message at Seward Church. Instead of the usual story of grace this week focused more on faithfulness and community, which does connect with grace!

In John 13:34 Jesus commands the disciples to love one another in the same way that He has loved us.  This is the basis for a community that serves Christ and functions well together both internally and externally.  David shared an image of a lighthouse (similar to this) which I had never thought of before. Jesus is the light that is shining out across the sea, serving as a beacon for all to see.  But it takes people (in community) to go out and be the light touching lives and rescuing or searching out people to help draw them into the lighthouse.  Does that make sense to you?

In  Ezra (3:1,8-9) we see that the Isrealites have placed their faith in God again.  Building the temple was their expression of faith.  Building the temple or a church also represents the people coming together in a community.  All believers should come together and be made more holy (sanctified) as seen in John 17:17-22.    Ephesians4:3 says that we should do everything to keep the bonds of peace.  David really emphasised that community is a gift not a right.  As a gift we also have to work to stay unified – but also let the Spirit do its powerful work in us.

A little more controversial statement is that the community is strengthened not by looking at each other but by looking towards Jesus for His strength.  We are all imperfect beings and will annoy the heck out of each other – which could cause problems.  When we place Jesus at the center we tend to focus more on His love and grace for each one of us.  We also need to make sure that the focus doesn’t get turned towards the community we are trying to serve, because then we become all about service – not Jesus.

We all need or want to be in a community and having friends isn’t a problem but a sign of maturity.  In Genesis 2:18 God realized that man couldn’t do everything by himself – so He created the woman.  David extrapolated that to be that we shouldn’t be trying to do good works alone (individually or as a married couple) but together within the community of our church.  Community is by no means easy (as I mentioned above), I’m sure we all annoy each other!  But being in a community and having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of others helps draw us closer into the heart of God.  I’m sure we annoy Him alot!  Ultimately, community makes us better people.

While building the temple, the Israelites ran into some conflict.  Basically the king withdrew their building permits and made it illegal for them to keep working.   Ezra 4:17-21 makes it clear that soldiers were sent to stop the building process. Even though they were given clear direction by God to build the temple, the Israelites caved in to the pressure.  If construction was a sign of faithfulness, then halting construction was a sign of faithlessness.  They were concerned about their relative safety and not focused on God’s Safety.

Similarly if the church today focuses on self-preservation above following God’s calling they are acting without faith.  You can read many stories of Christians around the world standing up admist persecution and losing everything, even their life.  Almost as bad is when the church focuses only on building itself up.  Building new gyms, adding expensive stained glass, creating church schools or home-school co-ops, and forgetting to focus on the external community.  Building a fitness center within a church campus says two things – 1) community we don’t want to smell your sweat or touch your machines and 2) God you are unable to protect us from those “evil” people who live out there.  Both of these are false.  David shared an interesting analogy with manure.  Manure is an excellent fertilizer, but only when spread out across an entire field.  When kept in a manure pit it will actually kill all the grass around it, not too mention that it reeks!  Christians are like manure – we are best when we are spread out around town.

The anaolgy breaks down a little bit because we are actually at our best when we are spread out in community with other Christians who can love and support our endeavors. But the point of the analogy is pretty clear.  Again, Jesus must be at the center of our field – maybe He is the manure spreader!

Even when we forsake or forget about Him, God continues to be faithful to us.  God really wanted a place for His people to come together in worship to Him, He wanted the temple built.  In Ezra 5:1-2 we see that Haggai and Zechariah were sent to kick the Israelites back into gear. They began rebuilding the temple.  The Book of Zechariah captures some of the prophesy, specifically 4:6-7 which includes the phrase – “Grace, Grace to It.” The NIV says, “God Bless It.”  Even after turning their back on Him, God gave them a second chance.  He has given us a second chance and the ultimate act of grace by letting His Son die for our sins.

We finished the evening with communion – the ultimate symbol of Christ’s life and death and a symbol of community. David said, “Communion is an act of kneeling together and looking at Christ.”  As 1 Corinthians 11:17-26 says, “For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.”

Let us each proclaim the love of God to all we meet and rely on God and the community He has given us to love those who are hard to love.

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Small group is on for tonight…our original plan was to meet at the Cedar Lake Park on the West side of Cedar Lake, the northern peninsula. We will meet there and then if weather is poor we can cruise over to the Chipotle/Caribou off of Excesior Blvd and Minnetonka Blvd-where Lake St. splits. Meet at the park at 6:30pm.

Give Kristofer a call if you have questions . We are going to do dinner picnic style-on your own. If you want to pick up some grub, there are a few places on Lake just south of where we are meeting. Grab some food and we will see y ‘all at 6:30pm.

Hope you all had a great week.

We had a great evening with everyone last night. Thanks for the great food and excellent conversation.

Our next discussion will focus around an article out of this month’s Sojourner’s Magazine.

As I mentioned here is the main article for discussion: Seeking the ‘Fair Balance’ found here. But there were a lot of great articles in the magazine. Here are links to other articles in the series! I think the article Wall Street and Christian Conscience directly relates to the main article’s points as well.

SPECIAL WEB EXTRA: Serving God with Our Money, in Boom Times and Bust
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‘The Bread You Possess Belongs to the Hungry’
by St. Basil

Whom Do You Serve?
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Practicing Sabbath Economics
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A Gesture of Overcoming
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Indigenous Economics
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Piggy Banks and God’s Abundance
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Wall Street and Christian Conscience
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Our next gathering will be at 6:30 on May 30 at Cedar Lake, exact location TBD.

Fresh Air/NPR Podcast:GENE ROBINSON; April 16th, 2008
The podcast that we will be discussing is an interview with Gene Robsinson, the Archbishop of Episcopal diocese in New Hampshire. I hope everyone can listen to this podcast and digest it by Friday, that the Lord would bring to mind certain biblical truths that he would want to lay upon our hearts. Take some time to pray before listening to the podcast and have your Bible handy should you want to look up a passage or two. Blessings to you all this week as we prepare to hang-out on Friday May 9th @ 6:30pm.

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Welcome to our group. We are still trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do but we are seeking Jesus in our lives by being friends and challenging each other!

or something like that :)