This was in last week’s Sunday paper and I cut it out for Christy.  Keith Knight and The Knight Life are pretty funny!

Hagar Cartoon

January 10th Hagar the Horrible Comic Strip – ArcaMax Publishing.

I submitted one of my photographs for the Minneapolis Institute of Art‘s Foot in the Door4. Basically any Minnesota artist is able to submit a piece of art as long as it fits within a 1 foot cubic area.  You can see my photo here:

a look at my photograph in the gallery

So if you come visit between now and June 13, we’d be happy to take you by to see  my famous art work!

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So they keep making updates to Facebook, they really are trying to be helpful (at least in their minds).  It was a good idea to have a News Feed and a Live Feed.  Let you have a smaller number of “more important” people show up in your news feed while everyone else shows up in the Live Feed.

Great idea, if you could select who you wanted. But they randomly selected 250 people for you.  I’m sure there is some great formula or algorithm that went into this. There is a simple fix.  To bring all of your friends back do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook Home Page.
  2. Choose “Live Feed.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom & click ” Edit Options.”
  4. Then you will see your “News Feed Settings.” (see below) Change the 250 to 5000, which is Facebook’s friend limit, and your feed will work correctly again.


If you want a smaller selection, you can choose them on your own.  Do the first 3 steps and on the 4th step you have a couple of options.  You can type each name in at the top where it says “Show More” or in the “Hide” box.  Or you can click on the little link at the bottom that says “View Recommended Friends”.  This link allows you to actually select or unselect individual friends just like creating an event.

Hope that is helpful.

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Second snowfall for the season.
First measurable amount.

Welcome sign on Minnesota State Highway 60 at ...
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Weather is such an amazing thing.  This past weekend much of the Twin Cities Metro area was under a frost warning as temperatures dropped into the low 30’s.  Yes.  It was May 16.

According to local TV Station KARE 11 some parts of northern Minnesota hit a new record for amount of snowfall on May 16.  International Falls, MN had 0.3 inches of snow.  Bringing the 2008-2009 winter total to 125.6 inches.

Yesterday, May 19 the Twin Cities Metro area hit a new record high, according to the Pioneer Press.  The record was broken by a whopping 8 degrees at 97.  Yikes!  You’ve got to love this line from the article though:

While southern and central Minnesota roasted, the northern part of the state remained cool. When Granite Falls recorded a whopping 100 degrees at 4 p.m., Grand Marais reported a breezy 34 degrees, Taggart said.

It is about 400 miles from Granite Falls to Grand  Marais.


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