I got back into the swing a litte better this month of blogging here.  It was a good month, but hard to believe we’ve been in Minnesota for almost a year!

This was a big month for this blog as I finally completed the move from Blogger to WordPress and changed the name!

In case you missed it this was a presidential election year!  I shared why I am a moderate and also some thoughts on having schools be a polling place.  Many people where up in arms and afraid that the election of Barack Obama was going to ruin our country so I posted two videos to remind myself and others that God is always in control.

I posted an e-mail forward about poverty that I thought was insightful into being poor. In a similar vein I took part in Bloggers Unite for Refugees and shared some of my thoughts about the refugees I’ve encountered here in Minneapolis.

Last year I wrote about Five Forgotten Fights, sadly to say – they are all still forgotten. I also did a better job of writing about the sermons I heard at church.  The first was about having too much stuff!  We went to a medical missions conference in Kentucky and heard lots of good, challenging, and inspirational messages. Another sermon this month was about using it or losing it.

I finished Billy Graham’s book Peace with God, which was a nice change of pace. I also read Martin Dugard’s Into Africa which told the story of Stanley and Livingstone.  I offered my 10 Rules of Internet Safety and was surprised at how many people actually read them!  As Thanksgiving approached I shared about a news story which talked about the need for food in America.  As we entered the Christmas season I encouarged all of us to think about the ways we are blessed and how the HIV/AIDS crisis is still rampant.

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Each month seems to fly by. It is hard to believe that it is already October and fall is here!

In case you missed it, my marathon is coming up Oct 5, that is a few short days away. Training is going well and I’m pretty much set. You can see all the training details and running related stuff at Team Cross Runs. You also still have a chance to make a donation on my behalf for World Vision. You can make your secure, tax-deductible donation here.

September started off with the Republican National Convention being held here. We didn’t go to any of the official festivities though we did get to see Cindy McCain and Laura Bush at a ONE/World Vision event. We also took part in a protest of sorts related to the ongoing genocide in Darfur. This has also been a pretty tense campaign season already so I reposted Jim Wallis’ list of ideas for Christian Civility. I actually took offense to Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about community organizing. Amidst all of the RNC chaos school started back up.

A quick personal update. And September was actually the Muslim month of Ramadan. I posted two posts about Somalia, one informational and another was a testimony. Last year I gave a more detailed explanation of what Ramadan is.

Last Year
I talked about loving prostitutes, advocated against a prison book ban (1)- and we saw the advocacy work. Do you think the Bible is true? Last year my church tackled that issue and I presented some related research. I also looked at a couple of questions about Africa. Can money really solve their problems? Do celebrities really help African causes?

One of the blogs I read is Martin Dugard‘s he is an author, runner, and all around endurance athlete.

Hope you have had a good September!

July really flew by. Things were pretty busy with summer school in full swing and volunteering with a youth enrichment program in the afternoon. I recently gave a pretty lengthy update so I don’t have much else to say about July! I turned 27 this month so I’m officially getting old, or something!

If you decide to visit Minneapolis, be sure to let us know and maybe we can hang out, otherwise we created a list of things to do here! Marathon training continues to go well. Be sure to catch up on all the training and other running news over at Team Cross Runs.

I finally got around to writing a book review of A Dangerous Faith by Joel Vestal. It is worth a read and its pretty easy to do so!

Last Year’s Highlights include:

The Million Muslim Outreach
Several book reviews including: Dealing with People you can’t Stand, Primary Colors, Vanity Fair (magazine), and When God Doesn’t Make Sense.

I ran 2 races last year while living in Indiana: Lapel CdLS 5K and Chesterfield 10K

Two Years Ago I wrote about the African Bible Commentary, Indiana as a Potential Terrorist Target, the State of Indiana’s Children, and 12 Myths About Hunger.

The most read post for July 2008 is… Learning About Ramadan. Followed by my review of the book, Long Way Gone and 10 Rules for Internet Safety.

It is hard to believe that it is already May. Where has the time gone?? We are certainly enjoying Minneapolis, despite the snow! Things have been very busy and here are the highlights from April.

I ran two races on back-to-back weekends despite Coach’s advice to take 2 weeks off! First was the Earth Day Half-Marathon and then the Get in Gear 10K.

I talked several times about my new favorite country of Somalia. It is a forgotten place.
Can you add a terrorist to your prayer list? April also held Malaria Awareness Day and I played the Nothing but Net game and you should too! I finished reading A Long Way Gone and wrote a review of this excellent book.

What about your carbon footprint? At the beginning of April we went on a camping trip north of Duluth. We had a good time despite the frigid temperatures on Sunday.

I hope you had a good April and that May has much goodness and blessings in store for you!

December is always a busy month preparing for Christmas and thinking about plans for the New Year.  It was extra busy for Team Cross this year since we are planning to move to Minneapolis at the beginning of the year!

I was reminded of the simple fact that Church is more than just a building after we had church canceled.

I began listening to a great new podcast by David Peach, where he interviews missionaries.

I finally got around to posting the 10 Essentials of a Highly Healthy Marriage from the Mission Conference in November! I have a lot of room for growth!

I made some changes to my running blog – actually creating a whole new site, and also changing the address of this site.

We attended a recent Over the Rhine concert and I explored the depths of my social networking friendships.

Did you buy Jesus for a loved one?

Two excellent sermons this month about the true meaning and spirit of the Christmas season.  Vertigo and Love

I did a lot more blogging in 2007 than 2006, partly due to the fact that I was employed! I actually didn’t put Google Analytics code into the site until September 1, so really this is just the last 4 months!

Here are the Top 5 Most Read Posts!

  1. Learning About Ramadan – explored the traditions and history of the Muslim holiday.
  2. Davinci Controversy – was actually a book review of Dan Brown’s fictional story called The Da Vinci Code.
  3. Money Won’t Solve Africa’s Problems – summarized a series of articles in the Christian Science Monitor about what needs to be done to help Africa overcome some of its chronic problems.
  4. Should Prostitution Be Legalized? – Christians don’t normally like to talk about prostitution, but this article looked at how Christians should approach this topic and help end the practice.

Honorable Mentions include:

  • Million Muslim Outreach – is a ministry of the Crescent Project which is reaching out to Muslims in the United States with the intent that after understanding who Jesus is, they will accept His gift of Salvation and then carry that message home where missionaries are unable to go.
  • Teenagers and Church – looked at recent Barna research about teenage spirituality and a NY Times article about Church Halo Parties!

I have really enjoyed working on this blog and expanding its readership while also providing occasional personal updates for all my friends out there!  Did you have a favorite post of mine in 2007?

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I still can’t believe its December already! This year has gone by so fast.  Here are the highlights from this and last November (and some from October since I forgot to do this then).

Last Year It is interesting to look back at these posts and see how my writing and this blog overall has developed.

This Year

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