Christian Carnival

A great and full Carnival is posted over at The Evangelical Ecologist.

I submitted my post about the recent Barna survey, you know the one where Evangelicals really upset me!

Enjoy the Carnival.

I posted to the Christian Carnival CXCVI I’m not good with that many Roman Numerals… but its over 100!

I submitted my 10 Essentials of a Highly Healthy Marriage, be sure to stop on by the Ancient Hebrew Poetry site and see the other great posts!

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I posted to this week’s Christian Carnival being hosted by Thinking Christian.

I submitted my post about Love Coming to Town from this past Sunday’s message. Stop by and check out the other great posts!

The most recent Christian Carnival has been posted at Crossroads. I posted my Five Forgotten Fights and there are many other great posts, so go and check them out.

The newest Christian Carnival is posted at Brain Cramps for God.

I submitted my post about Teenagers and Church.  Go check it out!



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I submitted my Loving Prostitutes post to the Christian Carnival being hosted at On the Horizon this week.

Other posts from the carnival that I’m going to read include

  • Out of the Mouth of Wormwoods: Men Without Chests
  • Take Part in Missions
  • Worship in Left Field
  • In Financial Chaos? Pass the Test
  • The Bible Says to Spend Less than you Earn

I submitted my Learning About Ramadan post to the Christian Carnival this week which is currently posted at Pseudo-Polymath.

Go check out some the great works!

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