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This was in last week’s Sunday paper and I cut it out for Christy.  Keith Knight and The Knight Life are pretty funny!

And we wait for the final few days to tick by.


I read What Difference Do It Make a while back and never got around to writing a review, which is bad since I got the book for free if I wrote a review.  I’ve actually done a terrible job writing reviews this year (and blogging in general here). I actually wrote my Amazon review back in November of 2009.

What Difference Do It Make was an easy read that packs a lot of punch.  It is a follow-up to Same Kind of Different as Me (which I haven’t read) and continues the story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore.

What Difference is a very compelling book that makes you re-think some of your beliefs and perspectives. I kept thinking, I’m a nice guy – but Hall and Moore are taking it to a whole new level. This is an easy and fairly short read. I liked how they wrote in unique voices and didn’t let spelling or grammar influence them too much (as you can tell from the title)!

I would recommend this book, it talks about God and religion but doesn’t push anything at you. Hall can come across as a little full of himself – but I think he means well and it fits within the purpose of the book.  Hall is an art dealer who ended up befriending Moore, a homeless man, at the prompting of his now deceased wife.   I was compelled to rethink some of my thoughts and opinions and I’m sure you will be influenced as well.