CSA 10

Broccoli or Cauliflower: Thinly slice broccoli or cauliflower stems and florets. Sauté over medium high heat in oil for 2 minutes. Toss with thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers, and a soy peanut vinaigrette and serve with grilled halibut.
Green Top Carrots: Carrots are a great vegetable to pickle. Make a refreshing salad with raisins, broccoli, pickled carrots, and peanuts. Pickled Carrot Tops: When pickling carrots, chop the tops into ½ inch pieces and add at the end.
Snap or Snow Peas And Green Beans: Remove the stem before cooking. Sauté with garlic and squash, toss with parmesan, and serve over polenta.
Summer Squash: These tasty summer squash are delicious raw as well as cooked. Cut the squash horizontally or vertically, depending on the scalloped ribbed edges, so you can see the colorful edges, toss with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and serve on your next veggie platter.
Cucumber: See This Week’s Veggie Feature on the back.
Sweet Spanish Onions: Try a sweet onion sauce to accompany grilled steaks. In a medium saucepan, cook 1 cup of chopped onions with butter, a splash of white wine, chicken or vegetable broth to cover, salt and pepper until the onions are tender and the liquid has evaporated. Puree until smooth.
Fresh Garlic: Roast fresh garlic with fresh thyme. Use in pastas, sauces, or spread on bread. Read all about the trials & tribulations of growing garlic in this week’s main article, by Katie & Richard.
Green Top Beets: Beautiful Gold Beets!! Use the beet tops first, the beets will keep for a couple of weeks if you are starting to accumulate them. For the tops, heat olive oil in a pan, add sliced fresh garlic, a pinch of curry powder, and beet greens. Cook until wilted. For a great breakfast sandwich, thinly slice beetsand onions and sauté for 2 minutes. Place on top of a fried egg between some delicious toast!
Thai Basil: This basil has purple stems and has a slightly more anise flavor than sweet basil. Like the name states, it goes well in any Thai dish. Try a Thai beef noodle dish. You can use most everything in the box this week; carrots, onions, garlic, peas or beans, try some beets as well! Don’t forget about the Thai chiles to spice it up a bit!
Red or French Breakfast Radishes: Use the greens and the radishes both by braising with butter. Cut radishes and greens into 1-inch pieces. Place in oven proof pan with 2T butter. Add enough chicken stock or vegetable stock to cover by half. Braise until tender and the greens are wilted.
Thai Chiles: These small slender chiles are very spicy, but they add a lot of flavor to any dish. When making sauces or soups use the whole chile and remove before serving. Grind chiles up in a spice grinder, and you’ll find they are a lot better than chile flakes you buy. Be sure to wash your hands after handling.
Salad or Sauté Mix: Now that peaches and blueberries are here, make a salad with peaches, blueberries, blue cheese, fennel, and red wine vinaigrette.
Choice – Fennel: One portion per share, please.