CSA #8

This week’s box from Harmony Valley Farm was quite bountiful.  Below is the list of some of the great veggies we got this week!

Green Top Beets: Beets and fennel complement each other well.  Make a beet, fennel salad with orange vinaigrette.
Sweetheart Cabbage: See veggie feature on back of newsletter
Green Top Carrots: Don’t throw away the tops!  They are high in vitamin K which the carrot itself is lacking.  Keep checking out the newsletter over the next few weeks for ideas to use carrot tops.  Carrot Top Pesto: Use a basic pesto recipe and substitute carrot tops for ½ of the basil.
Red Boston Lettuce or Green Leaf Lettuce or Romaine Lettuce:Blue cheese, avocado, sunflower seeds, and lettuce with red wine vinaigrette….yummmm!
Sugar Snap Peas or Snow Peas: Keep raw and make a simple vegetable salad with scallions, shaved fennel, carrot rounds, amaranth, and lemon vinaigrette.  Both are completely edible, pods & all.  Snow peas are flat, Sugar Snap are rounded.
Purple or White Scallions: Make a purple scallion cream cheese.  It would be great on any sandwich, wrap, or bagel.  Just chop scallions thinly and stir into room temperature cream cheese.
Fresh Garlic: Having fresh garlic for the first time, I wish that we could have it all year long.  It is milder, juicier and sweeter than dried garlic.  Separate the stalk from the bulb.  Add the stalk to soups or broths to add flavor.  Be sure to peel the cloves as the papery skin is starting to form around them.  Slice and quickly sauté.
Fennel: The whole plant is edible.  Cut the fronds from the bulb and stalks.  They should be used first.  Garnish any dish, chop and add to dips or spreads, or add at the last minute to a stir fry.  The stalks are tender now, but will become fibrous as the vegetable grows.  Fennel can be eaten raw, braised, sautéed or made into a soup.
Amaranth Greens: See Vegetable Feature on back of newsletter
Summer Squash: Slice and enjoy raw with dip as part
of a veggie platter, or lightly sauté and serve with pasta. Store in the crisper drawer.