This past weekend a great man ended his earthly suffering and gained his eternal home.  No more suffering and pleased to be with his wife, Grandpa will be missed here on earth.

We had many memories together over my 28 years.  Building rabbit hutches for 4-H.  Visits to Florida and singing and acting out “Grandpa got runover by a reindeer.”  Talking about stamps and looking through our stamp collections (that he helped me start).   Playing under the ding-dong tree at their house in Cleveland and discussing how Santa would enter their Florida house without a chimney (obviously through the sliding doors).  And who can forget my first time playing golf with the “men” and seeing the competitive side of him come out, maybe even throwing a club or two!

Yes many great memories.  Below are a few pictures I found on my computer, the most recent from our wedding and an older one from when my mom was in high school.  The single one of him is a more recent picture I swiped from my cousin’s Facebook page.  He really loved Grandma and would often talk about her.  He missed her so much.

Now they will both be missed, though we know their suffering is over and their bodies and minds are perfect again.