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Veg Box 9.17.9
Italian red garlic: Chop or crush garlic and stir into softened butter with grated cheese such as Parmesan and, if you wish, chopped herbs like thyme or rosemary.  Roll compound butter into a log and wrap in plastic; store in the freezer.  Slice a chunk off as needed for topping steaks or chops, mashed potatoes, or a quick garlic bread on a busy night.
Gunnison Yellow onions: Our best storage onions!  Slice and caramelize onions, then spoon over fresh fish and bake with a sprinkle of salt and Cajun seasoning.
Red Wing onions: From Bejo organic seed.  Slice thin and add to a ham or turkey sandwich.
Peppers: Orange Ukraine, Red, yellow or green bells, señorita pimentos, jalapeños: All these peppers are from our own seed stock.  Add sautéed sweet and hot peppers to bean soups to boost the flavor.
Tomato variety bag: We are reaching the end of our summer vegetables and transitioning into fall, so now is the time to enjoy your favorite tomato dishes one last time.
Sweet Olive Grape or Black Cherry tomatoes: Teeny tomatoes make a charming addition to grilled skewers.
Raspberries: Raspberry bran muffins!
Edamame: Cook and shell Edamame beans, toss with cooked rice, chopped raw veggies, and a little bit of oil, chill and serve as a cold salad dish.  This is true Edamame, from our own seed supply.
Cauliflower, cheddar, white, panther, or romanesco: Steam florets and chill; toss with a lemony dressing and a hard grating cheese such as parmesan or Pastureland Sogn.
Broccoli: Add crunchy broccoli to a stir fry with onions, almonds, garlic, and sesame oil over rice.
Satina Gold Flesh Potatoes: How about cheesy mashed potatoes with broiled steaks and warm braised cabbage?
Yukina savoy: Can be cut in thin strips crosswise and added to a cole slaw, or mixed into a grain salad.
Salad mix or spinach: Top with red onion, Ukraine peppers, roasted grape tomatoes, steak strips, croutons, and a sweet vinaigrette.
Green Top celeriac: See veggie feature on back of this week’s newsletter.
Green Savoy Cabbage: Pair with carrots, onion, and grated celeriac to make a fresh and crunchy cole slaw to accompany early fall dinners.
Green Top Red or French Breakfast radish:The leaves will be a fine addition to soup or stew; add at the very end to keep their green color.  Chop radishes and toss with cooked veggie dishes to add a crunchy texture.

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