Week 18 of Harmony Valley Farm‘s CSA (blog) contained the following:

  • Broccoli romanesco,
  • Yellow onion,
  • Italian garlic,
  • Tomato variety bag,
  • Grape tomatoes,
  • Orange Ukraine,
  • UW Roaster,
  • Jalapeño,
  • Teggia horticultural bean,
  • Green top carrots,
  • Watermelon,
  • Cantaloupe/French orange melon,
  • Spigarello,
  • Cucumber- American Slicer or thin skinned Diva,
  • Summer squash,
  • Red or French breakfast radish,
  • Salad or spinach,
  • Colorado Rose or Carola Gold Potatoes, and
  • Edamame

What happened to all the veggies we knew what to do with? Now we’ve got more that I’ve never heard of. Yikes.

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