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As Seward Church continues its journey through the 66 books of the Bible we found ourselves learning about the interesting life of Hosea.  If you aren’t familiar with this story, it is quite intriguing as Hosea is told by God to marry a woman who would cheat on him, multiple times.

Usually with this story you hear that Hosea was told to marry a prostitute.  But Tim tried to clarify that Gomer isn’t a prostitute at the beginning of the story.   Hosea 1:2 says:

the LORD said to him, “Go, take to yourself an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness, because the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD.”

So she was probably born out of wedlock herself and had some issues that made it likely she would be unfaithful.   Her name does make you laugh though.  Who would name their kid Gomer? The language in chapter 1 clearly indicates that only 1 of the 3 children actually came from Hosea.

In Chapter 3 God tells Hosea that he needs to go find his wife, who now is a slave prostitute and buy her back.  Can you imagine having to go pay a pimp to purchase your own wife back?  God says that this is a depiction of His love for us.   2:5 gives us a little insight into what Gomer was after – she was after material things that became so important to her that she would do anything to get them.

She placed those things above everything else and was willing to sell out to get them.  Does that sound familar? She began to idolize those things and then slowly that idolatry overcame her.  Often our sin begins as love, which can be healthy, but as it turns into idolatry we begin to displace God from His throne and worship the wrong thing.

Part of the problem is that we begin to define what it is that is loving for us instead of letting God define love. We don’t accept God’s love because it isn’t what we want. This leads us to create rules that will enable us to deserve that love and try to hide or change who we are.  We decide that if God (or another person) loves us they will provide this or that.  It would be like saying, “if you love me you’ll give me $1,000.” But maybe I want to express my love for you by strolling down the beach together.

As we begin to idolize things in our life, we start to lose perspective and slowly become enslaved to that which we idolize.  We become enslaved to our desires.  It becomes a slave-master relationship (2:12).

But there is GOOD NEWS! God says there will be a time when we will no longer be enslaved to our sins and we will no longer call Him, Master – but Husband. That is a huge relational shift.  Death will no longer reign, but life (13:14).  We will find freedom through Christ’s sacrifice.  You see we are enslaved to our sinful desires, but God sent His son Jesus to pay for our sin – through His death.  And by His resurrection, we are raised up as heirs in the Kingdom of God.

This payment (redemption) and the resurrection wipe our past clean. There is nothing that we’ve done that He can’t undo.  Just as Hosea accepted back the wayward Gomer, God will take us even as bastard children.

Isn’t that exciting?

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I only brought my Palm Pre with, down to watch the Minneapolis Red, White, and Boom celebration last night.  We were treated to about 19 mintues worth of pyro-mania.   They utilized a variety of different altitude levels for a cool show.  We’ve never seen so many low-level fireworks, but they were pretty sweet.

After reading a few tips about how to capture fireworks displays on the camera, including the iPhone (I can’t seem to find it in the article now), I thought I might get some quality shots with the Pre. Below is one of the best shots, it didn’t do well with getting rid of excess light and lack of a zoom makes for lots of wide angle shots.


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Week 9 of Harmony Valley Farm‘s CSA (blog) contained the following:

  • Salad mix,
  • Green top red beets,
  • Fennel,
  • Purple scallions,
  • Fresh garlic,
  • Snow peas,
  • Strawberries,
  • Amaranth,
  • Sweetheart cabbage,
  • Romaine,
  • Spinach,
  • Basil,
  • Summer squash

We made it through a majority of last week’s vegetables. We were talking about this the other day and realized that for most of the vegetables we don’t experience their uniqueness.  Often we through a bunch of greens into a salad or some other dish that utilizes a bunch.

Last week I made a rice dish that utilized almost every vegetable that we got. I got the idea in part from the weekly newsletter (pdf) and their featured recipe a veggie stir-fry. It was delicious. The Amaranth changed the color of the rice to a slight purple.  In the rice you could taste some of the different flavors.  This is not a complete waste of veggies, but is something we are thinking about.

If we were able to have lots of time and eat every meal at home we could probably do the shares their full justice.  Sadly, this isn’t the case.

We enjoy every bite of fresh veggie goodness.

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