Palm PreI have been waiting with much anticipation for the new Palm Pre to be released.  This is the first gadget/toy/material object that I can recall waiting, watching, researching, and anticipating for months before its release.  You may recall (but most likely not) that the Pre was first announced in February.  It has been a long wait.

The Pre was released on Saturday, June 6.  Being the somewhat rational person I am, we didn’t make a rush to be waiting in line at a Sprint store for the announced limited quantities.  We did our thing in the morning and meandered out in the afternoon going to Best Buy first (they offered an instant rebate instead of mail-in) but they were sold out (and quite unhelpful and almost rude).  Grabbing lunch we realized there was a Sprint store and jumped in on the off chance they might have one.  Nope, but we got added to the wait list.  It should arrive mid-week.

On Sunday we went to watch a friend race a triathlon and on the way out passed a Sprint store in the middle of no where.  So we stopped in on the way home just to see if they had any.  Nope and the guy was extremely rude (it was an affiliate store and they hadn’t gotten any Pre’s yet).

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Undaunted we waited.   We got our phone calls mid-afternoon on Tuesday.  We had to do some things around the house and arrived at the Sprint store around 6.  Eager with anticipation we waited for the first available employee (who ended up being the store manager).  He carefully walked us through the whole process, explaining everything in detail.  Ultimately it took an hour and a half for the whole process.

Yes, that is a long time, but we walked away with a very good understanding of the basics of the new phone.  This was especially important for Christy, since this was her first endeavor into the smartphone realm!

So far everything is going as advertised with no issues.  We purchased the last touchstone in stock and a car charger.  He was quite helpful and made sure that we got all of the discounts (17% a month from Christy’s hospital) and phone credits that we were eligible for.

We played around on them, downloading the currently free applications for the phone such as Pandora, Where, Suduko, the weather station, and more.  It has a limited selection for now but will soon be expanding!

We quickly drained our batteries (about 25% charge out of the box) by playing around and charged them overnight.

No problems.

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