Our fourth CSA from Harmony Valley Farms (blog) included:

  • Green Garlic,
  • Green Onion,
  • Parsnips,
  • Sunchokes,
  • Spinach,
  • Salad Mix,
  • Spring Radish,
  • Pea Vine,
  • Rhubarb,
  • Asparagus, and
  • Hon Tsai Tai

This by far had the most vegetables in a box that we’ve received.  It looked really good.  We actually cooked up a lot of the this week’s and “leftovers” from previous weeks in a Spicy Asian Noodle Bowl that Christy concocted herself (and was delicious).

It has been a challenge to eat all of our vegetables before they go bad, but we’ve really been trying.  Part of the problem is that we’ve not been eating as many meals at home as we normally would, plus now we are trying to eat lots of random veggies we’ve never heard of!

While doing some research I found another local blogger who is getting food from Harmony Valley called Simple Good & Tasty.

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