That is the first word that comes to mind to describe the feeling I got today when our realtor called with some very bad news.  She felt terrible and was horrified by the situation but she had to tell us that we lost the house that we had just gotten excited about last night.

We wrote an offer on an awesome house and the selling agent said that we had the only valid offer on the table.  Great, so we’ll just wait patiently – trying not to get too excited (since this was the third offer we’d submitted on different houses).  Well last night she got a call saying that the seller’s agent told her that the seller and the seller’s bank (short sale) had approved our offer.

This morning she went to deliver our earnest money to the seller’s agent and found out that an old offer had suddenly been resurrected from thin air – just this morning.  The bank liked their offer better and rejected ours.  As far as she knows there isn’t anything illegal about this since we hadn’t actually put any money down – yet.   She was furious at them and their ethical issues surrounding this.

We are crushed.  We had shown much restraint this time around not wanting to get broken by another offer being rejected.  Last night we rejoiced and were extatic about finally getting a sweet house.  I texted and e-mailed Christy hoping she would call me on her lunch break so I could deliver the bad news.  Not that I was excited to – but I knew that she needed to know so she could stop being excited about the house.


This is a good word for the day:

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit  – Psalms 34:18