I’ve been writing about the current salmonella outbreak on my running blog and how it relates to the energy bar realm. There are actually quite a lot of products being voluntarily recalled.  One of the company’s affected is Nature’s Path (link to my blog).   When I went to their site to research I was struck by something a little scary:

Zoomed in a little closer you can see the problem:

In the midst of a peanut recall their site is advertising another peanut product. Not good advertising. In fairness, the main image rotates about every 6 seconds, so this is one of several images. It just happened to be the first one up when I visited.

They obviously shouldn’t be advertising peanut products during a recall when other product lines have been affected.  On the other hand some companies, such as Clif Bar are being very pro-active to rebuild any lost trust the recall may have caused.  Take this excerpt from a letter published by Gary & Kit, co-owners of Clif Bar & Company:

We are accountable for the food we make. At this time, we can tell you that none of our recalled products has tested positive for Salmonella. But in light of the FDA’s investigation and mounting consumer confusion, we are taking the following actions immediately:

  • Clif Bar is taking a break and temporarily suspending production and shipments of our recalled products with peanuts and peanut butter. Now and during this break, consumers can enjoy our 91 other products that do not contain recalled peanuts or peanut butter.
  • We’re reviewing our own business practices to ensure that we’re doing all we can to continue raising the bar in food quality and safety.

I just thought I’d point out the irony that I found.  Two examples of how to effectively handle a “crisis.”

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