We traveled back to Minneapolis yesterday and missed attending any church during the weekend. This is a recap of last week’s sermon at The Bridge, our home church while living in Anderson, IN. We thought we were going to be hearing one of our close friends speak, but instead heard Melissa Jansen, author and sister of the head pastor speak.

I was disappointed to not get to hear our friend speak or the dynamic head pastor.  Don’t get me wrong Missy is an excellent speaker, but I think you know what I mean. The sermon series was “Unwrapped” while the title was Hangovers, Leftovers, & Do Overs.

She talked about how it is hard to be a good receiver of gifts, especially when you don’t like what someone gave you.  You know the hideous Christmas sweater from great-aunt Bertha. She connected this to the story of her oldest son’s birth and the crazy circumstances surrounding it. I don’t think she was actually comparing herself to Mary’s situation but connected the two stories.

She shared several verses, but never gave actual references and I haven’t had time to leaf through the books to find the references so I won’t integrate them.  Her main point was this:

Jesus is an amazing gift to Mary and to all of us, so what are we going to do with it? What will you do today, tomorrow, and throughout 2009 knowing that jesus was the most important present ever given?

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