Can you believe it? 2008 is over.  Minneapolis was a great place to spend 2008.  Sunday night as we were driving back to Minneapolis after a great trip to Ohio and Indiana we remembered that it had been exactly one year since we had made the same journey, albeit with a moving van and a lot of stuff!

As we left the relative warmth of Indianapolis (43 when we left) and returned to around a foot of snow and 1 above temperatures in Minneapolis we wondered what we were thinking. But superficial weather-talk aside this has been a great year and we are excited to spend 2009 in Minnesota.  We are quite blessed to both have jobs that we enjoy, new friends to revel with, and a growing community to become a part of.  2008 represented many new adventures and experiences for us as we learn about surviving a brutal and long winter and squeezing every possible second out of the perfect summer weather.

I realize you haven’t heard from us since early October and we apologize for this.  Things have been quite busy. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with friends here in Minneapolis due to Christy’s work schedule but were quite excited to both get 2 weeks vacation around Christmas and New Years to be able to celebrate those holidays with family.  Unfortunately, Christy was “displaced” from her night-shift job in postpartum to a day-shift job in endoscopy.  Not exactly what we had expected but this was a lot better than getting laid off, like many of our friends.  She worked on the new unit for a week before our vacation started and has about 4 more weeks of orientation ahead!

You might recall that my year as an Americorps VISTA ended yesterday and through a long series of tough decisions I have decided to extend my term of service into April.  From now until then I’ll be doing fundraising and grant-writing to see if it is sustainable for the school to keep me on a full-time basis. My building principal will be able to sustain me through the end of this school year and then we’ll see what happens. I will continue running the after-school job training/fundraising program for the middle school students.

Those are the two biggest updates in our lives and both consumed a lot of our time and energy during November and December. We continue to be involved in teaching English to and befriending Somali’s in our community.  We both enjoy this time interacting and learning more about their culture and sharing some of ours.  We have also found a new church home.  It is a small church, a mix between church plant and house church it has been fun getting to know these new friends. We are excited to be a part of it and see the direction it is taking.

Okay, I have bored you enough!  Happy New Year to you and may you have a great 2009.

As always please let us know what is going on in your life.

Nick & Christy