I don’t remember exactly how I found the post entitled Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already but it obviously intrigued me enough to click on it and read through it. I’ll be clear I’m not completly comfortable with a lot of the statements he made throughout his post but you can get the main point from this quote:

For some, I believe the Bible has become an idol. Some place the Bible above Jesus’ compassion and love, Jesus’ radical inclusivity, and hold steadfast onto what they believe to be the correct interpretation of a small amount of verses that speak about same-sex relations. To those who repeatedly start quoting Leviticus and Romans verses as soon as anyone brings up the topic of homosexuality, I’d suggest perhaps you stick your Bible back up on the shelf for awhile. Perhaps it should collect a little bit of dust. And maybe, just maybe, you need to go out and grab coffee with someone who’s gay. Maybe you need to hear their story, learn about what they’ve been through, how they’ve experienced Christians and the church.

I haven’t sat down and explored the life of a gay person, but moving to Minneapolis we have been exposed to more openly gay people in the last year than my entire life combined.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue and topic.

A few months ago at breakfast with Christy I said, “the longer we live here the harder it is going to get to be opposed to civil unions and domestic partner benefits.”  Yes I think homosexuality is a sin (one no worse than my own), but if I was lying on my death bed and my mom forbid the love of my life to be at my side, I would die a painful and lonely death.  Say it ain’t so Joe, if you aren’t “married” it is possible for your parents to dictate who is allowed to see you or find out information about you (given that you aren’t able to to dictate otherwise).  That seems completely unfair and stupid.  Where is the love of Christ in that?

I have made quite the journey in my thinking about this issue.  It may not be complete but the more I understand and know the Bible, if you believe in Jesus then you can’t believe in hating another human being made in His image.

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