Two Saturdays ago, we went with our church to go out and love some of our neighbors.  You may recall our church is in its toddler stage, but from its birth the church’s goal was to be outward focused loving our neighbors.

Webster defines neighbor as one living next to or near another or fellow man. I think the story of the Good Samaritan shows that our neighbor is anyone in need. I think almost all of the people who attend our church our involved in some type of personal ministry to our neighbors at our house and about half of us intentionally live in the “inner-city.”  As a church we are fortunate to have a Minneapolis Housing Authority building located almost directly across from the church (Google say is is just over 200 feet down the street).

The pastors of the church have been engaging people from that building through the years getting to know some of the residents.  Some of our students from our Somali Adult Literacy Training school live in that building.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that as a church and for Team Cross we already know people there and are at least somewhat involved in their lives.

As a group we took homemade cookies, tea, music, boxes of love and stockings of love and spent a good 3 hours meeting some of the residents, talking with friends and just hanging out.  It was a lot of fun and everyone was very appreciative of our love and kindness. There are a lot of fun stories, but the coolest one of all is that they want us to come back.  Both a staff person and the tenants group leader want us to keep being involved.  As a church who wants to love its neighbors I am sure we will go back often and Team Cross will continue to visit our friends there as well.

Oh, just a thought… our boxes and stockings weren’t full of cheesy little gifts, but real useful items.  The boxes were actually designed for Thanksgiving time and are full of non-perishable food items.  The stockings had things like toothbrushes, hats, gloves, long underwear, and the like.

I share this story with you today so that you might be inspired to find a way to love your neighbors.

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