This has been a year for weddings.  A good friend made a comment about me being ready for this season of life to be over.  It will be nice to not have any more weddings to go to, but it will also mean not seeing & catching up with old friends.  What it actually means is that we’ll have to find time in our busy lives to stop and hang out with our far-flung friends for no other reason than just hanging out!

This wedding was special to us because it was our good friend Amy’s wedding.  She has been Christy’s best friend since high school and mine since college and she introduced Christy and I.  She is also part of the reason we moved to Minneapolis.  So we were very pleased to be a part of the wedding (Christy was a bride’s maid and I hung out and helped with the slideshow!)  I also took a ton of pictures.  I took about 300 and was able to widdle it down to just under 250.  There were lots of cameras including the “professional” so I’m sure it will be well documented, although due to my camera phone I had the first picture of the wedded couple up on Facebook!

Weddings are always a good time to think back and remember the reasons why we got married and in a sense recommit ourselves to each other.  Amy & Kristofer may God richly bless the many great years ahead for you!

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