Perspectives 2008 got underway this past Monday night at Madison Park Church of God. We had a good number of people out, including many alumni who helped with registration and enjoyed Dr. Steve Rennick, our first speaker.

The students seemed hungry to learn, anticipating the teaching . They joined in immediately, and we had a good time together. One of the students sent me an email the next day, saying:

I’m looking forward to what the next 15 weeks holds. I was thoroughly
moved last night by Steve’s testimony.

Exciting, isn’t it? Many of those present took advantage of the First Night Free. We hope they are led to come back, and will continue on in the semester with us. Week 2 is when we really begin to dive deep into the Word of God, looking at various threads of God’s redemptive tapestry that He has been weaving since the Fall.

Could you do a couple of things to help our class this year?

  1. Please pray for First Night Free students to return and register. Pray that any hindrances, which are often financial, will be hurdled.
  2. You know the impact this course has had on your life. Remember how you felt as the Big Picture of God was being filled in for you for the first time? With that in mind, would you consider praying for the Lord to show you who in your sphere of influence would benefit from this course, and then ask if they would come with you for next Monday night’s session? Even if they choose not to register for this semester, you would have introduced them to a powerfully life changing, paradigm shifting class they would consider taking in the future.

Thanks so much for your help. We have a wonderful group of speakers lined up and anticipate great times together! (Don’t forget – alumni you can return any time you want – absolutely free!)