This week’s speakers are:

[retracted] from Kansas City, Ks.

[retracted], were missionaries to Sierra Leon for 8 years. When she was diagnosed with MS, they were unable to return. He was working with World Partners of the Missionary Church, a small denomination made up of approximately 400 churches focused on raising up missionaries and support for global missions. World Partners sent him to the U.S. Center for World Missions for a time. He left the U.S. Center to become co-director for Adapt-a-People Clearinghouse, where he worked to begin to identify people groups before there were any people group resources. For the next three years he participated in a ministry of mobilization and helping churches adopt people groups. He has a Masters Degree from Fuller Seminary in missiology. He’s taught courses at Bethel College and is an approved instructor through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He’s also served as a missionary “coach” for several years. They are using their gifts to reach Iraqi Muslims in the Kansas City area.

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