Happy New Year!!!

For 2007 I did something a little different for part of my daily devotions.  I decided to read the daily devotions from the book called Extreme Devotion which tells the stories of Christian Martyrs from Old Testament* to current day times.  Copyrighted in 2001, by the Voice of the Martyrs it includes stories that I remember hearing about on the news.

Each day’s reading includes a short story about a martyr or someone who was severely persecuted.  Following the story is a paragraph or two that provides an application point, usually encouraging you to be strong and bold with your faith.  Finally, each day there is a relevant Scripture verse.  Every 7th day there is a quote from a martyr for reflection, in 2007 this actually occurred on Sundays!

I would recommend this devotional to you as a way to learn more about the history of our faith and the many great struggles that others have faced in the name of Jesus Christ.

* I know OT figures aren’t considered Christians, but it was easier to write that way, Daniel and his friends suffered for their belief in the Lord.
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