Christians have been urging retail outlets to put “Christ back in Christmas” and to “Remember the Reason for the Season.”  Now you can step back in rejoice in our success!!

The $15 Talking Jesus action figure is pretty much sold out at Wal-Mart according to the Consumerist. The action figure may still be available at Target, so you still have a chance to put Jesus under the tree! This action figure was first reported on by the Consumerist in October.

At that time Wal-Mart was taking a risk that the figurines would sell and it seems to have paid off!

“We sold out at Wal-Mart, and the toys are still available in a very limited supply at,” said spokesman Joshua Livingston. The company won’t restock again before Christmas.

The company who makes talking Jesus is one2believe which promotes Bible Based Toys for Children.  The company has a marketing campaign called “Battle for the Toy Box” through which they are promoting their faith-based toys to the faith community.

To me this kind of goes against the Second Commandment of not making “an idol or an image of anything in the heavens.”  I know we have taken great liberty throughout the years with that verse, so I guess we should be excited that these products sold so well in a “secular” market, since “Faith-based dolls are nothing new in Christian stores” according to an article in the Des Moines Register.

What do you think about Talking Jesus and literally putting Christ in Christmas?

Image from one2believe’s website.

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