I assume that most people who are looking at this blog right now are Perspectives alumni. So I challenge each of you to invite 5 people to learn more about Perspectives. It is probably safe to assume that we all know 5 people whose life could be turned upside down or maybe even sideways by this course.

We who have completed it, know the value it has had for us. It is that story that could encourage others to follow our lead. I know that it provided great fodder for discussion between my wife and I, helping us grow closer to each other and gaining a better perspective on the future God has in store for us.

Having seen some of the planning process, I now understand why the course is $200 per person. The planning committee is challenged with bringing the best and most dynamic speakers, while providing the course at the lowest possible cost per person. This year’s lineup looks amazing and the $200 cost is a bargain (remember it is only $13 a week and includes the books!). This can become quite costly for a couple who wants to attend together. Did you know that its possible to provide scholarships for people who don’t have other resources but want to attend. This is where you can step in! We as alumni and friends can provide scholarships for others to attend at reduced cost! Please contact Diane if you are interested in giving the gift of Perspectives!

What Others are Saying

The Perspectives course is without question the single most valuable and life-changing series of studies I have ever taken. The blend of information, speakers, strategy, and vision are a must, both for those new to missions and those who have served for many years.
Sandra Winter, Director of Missions, Word of Grace, Mesa, Arizona

Perspectives gives people an opportunity to be exposed to the faith stretching challenge of world missions from the first hand experience of those God is using on the field. I heartily endorse this effort.
Bill Bright, Late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ

[Perspectives is a] great way to take significant, proactive steps in developing faith and goals as Christians. 2007 Anderson Student.