Perspectives brings you a high quality missions education/training course at the lowest possible cost to you. The material from 15 week course is brought to you by experts in the field in dynamic presentations. If taken through a university this course would be out of reach for many due to the expensive nature of education.

However, this year everyone can come the first night FREE to check it out!After that first experience most will want to keep coming back for the remaining 14 weeks so be sure to invite all of your friends for this first night event.

Enrollment Changes

The total cost of Perspectives is approximately $13 per week. Many of the speakers you will hear throughout the course charge much more to hear them at a workshop or other speaking engagement. Plus you get a free book (for the whole course) with many great articles and stories!

Perspectives in Anderson and Muncie has 4 enrollment options this year:

  • Certificate Students (required by some missions organizations) $200
  • Audit Students $200
  • Course for Credit $450 (credits through Trinity International University)
  • Alumni free refresher course!

This year’s fee structure is a little different. This price includes all of your materials and there is no discount for large groups. We have decided to offer the absolute lowest price for all students. Be sure to check with your church or current employer about having them sponsor you or sponsoring the Perspectives class in general.

What Others Say

I watched this class transform our leaders. Not only did we have an explosion of ministry, but evangelism efforts of our people went into overdrive!
Rev. Dan Scott – Senior Pastor, The Valley Cathedral, Phoenix AZ

The challenges presented to me through this course are thing I believe all (world) Christians should grapple with. 2007 Anderson Perspectives Student