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Today I took an important step to stop the junk mail that invades our home.  I may regret not getting 1,000’s of credit offers in the mail, but I think the mailman might enjoy a slightly lighter mailbag now!

Several recent credit offers had information about opting out of receiving credit offers. I took that step today.

The notice read:

Prescreen & Opt-Out Notice: This “prescreened” offer of credit is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. This offer is not guaranteed if you do not meet our criteria.  If you do not want to receive prescreen offers of credit from this and other companies, you can call 1-888-567-8688 or write to the following consumer reporting agencies. [It listed all three agencies and their addresses.]

I called the number and gave them all the information, I don’t think the voice recognition software understood my address.  You can also check out the Prescreen website.  I did a permanent opt-out which has to be verified by mail but a temporary (3 year) opt-out can be done without further verification. If for some reason want to opt-back-in for more junk mail that is an option!

Have you done this? What are your results?


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“Rick Warren should be in Prison” that was the subject of an e-mail I received from Sojourners/Call to Renewal. I mentioned last week that the US Prison system was banning religious books for a variety of reasons. I received the e-mail today talking about this ban.

More importantly, it provided an action step to help stop the purge. Click here to learn more about their campaign and to take action.

This is a quote from their e-mail:

Imagine walking into your local library, only to discover that the religion section has been decimated – purged of books by authors ranging from Reinhold Niebuhr to Rick Warren. That’s exactly what’s happening right now to inmates in federal prisons, as the Bureau of Prisons strips libraries of any title that does not appear on a government-approved list.

I already took action and e-mailed the Director of US Prisons. Will you help stop the censoring of Prison Libraries?

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Sunday, I will celebrate one year of marriage to the most wonderful friend and wife a guy could ask for. She is much better person than I, I only hope and pray that I can love her the way she deserves to be loved and cherished.

I found this article the other day and it got my attention because I want to have a healthy marriage.

Written by Michael Smalley Want a Healthy Marriage? Prioritize Fun says we need to have 5 positive experiences to remove 1 negative experience.

Smalley says

The simple reality is this, if you stop having fun together you will stop wanting to be together.

We have had a lot of fun times this past year. We have been able to enjoy some great get-aways and many hours of fun with board games and just being together. I don’t have to tell you but living with someone, especially a spouse is a whole new ballgame. Its very different than just another roommate. But all the work of marriage is worth it.

I Love You Christy, thanks for a great year and all your love!

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I decided to post again in the Christian Carnival.  It is being hosted at Diary of 1 this week.  Go check out her great work. 

She put a lot of work capturing each submission and making it fit in with some aspect of Bonhoeffer.

I posted my Money Won’t Solve Africa’s Problems.


On a cooler Saturday morning 206 eager competitors (89 in the 15K and 117 in the 5K) lined up for a muddy start to the DINO Series 5th race of the season at Town Run Trail Park in Indianapolis.  The 15K started at 9am with the 5K following five minutes later.  This is a little late for the current weather trend, but stays consistent with the DINO Series 9am start for all 7 races.

I ran the 15K course which is 9.3 miles, except today due to the structure of the trail and modifications by the city the course was actually more like 10 miles, and the 5K distance was closer to 3.3.  We were dutifully informed of this well before the race start so you had time to mentally engage yourself for the longer distance. According to the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association which helps maintain the trail, the trail was modified due to high levels of erosion.  

Town Run is mostly a Mountain Bike trail that is primarily single track throughout the entire course. It winds along the White River from 96th Street goes under 465 and supposedly comes out on 82nd Street somewhere.  In the 15K we did a two loop course.  We began by running the 5K loop and halfway through our second time around that loop we went straight out to complete and approx 5 mile loop through open meadow and more woods. After completing this grueling loop we finished along the 5K course.  This was no easy race. 

I started farther back in the pack than I should have and spent most of the first 2 miles trying to get around long “trains” of runners on the single track.  After finding a group that I felt comfortable staying behind we got into some semblance of a pace and didn’t have to worry about the single-track much after that. I and some others faded from the main pack and around the 4 mile mark the group I was with completely disintegrated with me staying in the front and running a long while by myself before other runners started catching me.  Due to the million switch backs and turn you could see those ahead and behind you at various points, but you couldn’t always be sure how far behind they actually were.  I used some Clif Shot Bloks at the 5 and 10K marks, they seemed to help a little bit, but I took half the recommend amount of 6 per hour. They are given away free at the registration table for the DINO races!

I’m not excited with my overall time or individual splits, but this is actually a little faster than my last DINO race and considering the course, my current training, and nutritional habits I am happy with my 1:19:11 (7:55) ten mile time.  My splits were 7:50, 6:51, 7:44, 7:43, 7:57, 8:17, 8:11, 7:48, 8:29, 8:17 (ones with similar formatting are approximately the same mile).  I was very happy to place second overall in my age group and 23rd place overall. 


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There is no doubt the season of the grid iron is upon us. Football is surely taking over the weekends now and my teams are off to an excellent start. Christianity Today has several articles regarding the relationship between faith and football.

Fumbling Religion? talks about how the NFL is “losing” the church audience.

A Kinder, Gentler Coach
explores the Super Bowl winning Tony Dungy’s relationship with Christ.

Why We Love Football talks about football, idolatry, and grace.

Six years ago a series of events changed much of what we took for granted at that time.

I was a Junior at Taylor University, working in the Dining Commons that Tuesday morning.  I was one of the servers on the line and it was kind of like being in an isolated dungeon, not any real contact from the outside world. One of the cooks did have a radio on back in the kitchen and someone came out and told us “Bombs have gone off at the World Trade Center.”  I didn’t think too much of it at the time and nothing else was really said for awhile.

Eventually the manager came down and told us that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.  Now a little shocked and surprised, but we still didn’t know the full extent of it yet. When I went to my 9 o’clock class everyone was buzzing about it and trying to get the professor to let us watch TV.  I don’t remember his exact words, but he said something to the effect of “We aren’t going to waste our time watching TV, the world will go on.”

After class I returned to my dorm and walking down the hallways every TV was turned to either CNN or FOX News and everyone was watching looped footage of the towers falling and the Pentagon.  Needless to say, classes were canceled and prayer services were held on campus. 

At the time I didn’t really know anyone in the NY area, except one friend who took the semester off to work in NYC.  We were able to contact him later in the evening or the next day to ensure he was fine.  I remember we had cross country practice as usual, although we spent some time in prayer and reflection, but our meet on Friday was post-poned until Monday.  I also remember people being worried about price-gouging and running out of gasoline and the idea that being in rural Indiana made us pretty safe from anything happening to us.

Taylor sends out several service/mission teams each January, due to 9-11 the Board decided that teams shouldn’t go to majority Muslim countries.  Fortunately, my trip to South Africa was unchanged.  It was a little crazy being overseas and traveling so soon after that. 

One final thing that I think about is, I never had the desire to really see the Towers, but when I visited NYC several times after and spent a year in NJ I feel like I’m missing something by not ever actually seeing them for myself.  Talking with some of my friends in NJ, they said that one of the hardest things for them was to drive by the train stations and see all the cars that were still parked there.  Each car represented someone in their community who didn’t make it home on that dreadful day.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!



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