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This race also known as the 2007 Weaver Popcorn Kernal Klassic is run on a loop course in the countryside surrounding little Van Buren, IN.  It is famous for its free post-race popcorn and being part of the annual Popcorn Festival.  Hosted by Pop Weaver Popcorn it is a relatively cheap race with bags upon bags of popcorn given away to age group winners.

Each participant, presumably, received a post race e-mail with stats about their race.  Here is what my e-mail said:

Congratulations on finishing the 2007 Weaver Popcorn Kernal Klassic on August 11, 2007.  For your records, the weather that day was Sunny, Nice & Cool.
There were 5 finishers in the Men 25 to 29 age group and
106 finishers in the race.
Your overall finish place was 17 and your age group finish place
was 2.  Your overall finish percentile was 16 while your age group percentile was 40.  Your time of 19:30 gave you a  6:17 pace per mile.

It was definitely cooler than the preceding days but still warm! I am okay with my overall time of 19:30, but ran 9 seconds faster last year and over a minute faster in 2005, so that is frustrating.  My splits were 5:59, 6:50, and 6:40 for the last 1.1 (which actually breaks down to 6:03 pace).  My GPS-enabled friends agreed that the overall course was accurate but that the specific mile markers may have been a little off.

The race pretty much started on time and quickly leaves the town for some country roads.  There is shade for the first and final stretches, but most of the race is run on rural, corn-field lined roads, without any shade.  The 8:30 start made for decent weather on this specific day, but the sun was definitely out in full force.  The course featured 3 water stops, but only one actually had people passing out water.  The course is easy to follow because you are basically making a square! This is also a popular race for local high school teams to participate in and they have their own chute since they can’t win prizes or actually pay to participate (I believe).

After the finish they had plenty of ice-cold water and fruit available for all participants.  This years awards ceremony was a little confusing.  Someone the overall walkers won in amazing times of 7 something for the guys and 14 something for the females. The walk was a 5K.  I think they mistook the fun run sheet for the walkers results.  Sadly, this was never really corrected and the walkers where never publicly recognized, they made a passing comment at the end about walkers coming up to get popcorn.

Now for the fun of the whole event.  Overall 1st place winners received a gift certificate and a bag of popcorn.  Let me explain abut these bags of popcorn! Large, color-coordinated, paper bags are filled with boxes of various Pop Weaver brand popcorn. First place is blue, second is red, and third is white and supposedly each bag has a little less popcorn than the preceding.  This year I brought home like 26 bags of microwave popcorn in my 2nd place bag.  We traded around to get rid of the kettle corn (my wife doesn’t like it and we still have a half-eaten box from last year!) and took a few extra boxes at the end of the awards.  So that provides a little more of a festive environment for post-race activities.

Overall a good race. All results are posted here.

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He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

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I finally decided to see (read) what all the hype was about surrounding the 2003 release of Dan Brown’s novel  The DaVinci Code. Maybe I’m a little behind the times, but better late than never, right?

Thinking back about the book and the subsequent controversy, it was well deserved.  The book clearly stated at the beginning what was actually fact and fiction (most of the book is fiction).  However, Brown does such an excellent job interweaving both fact and fiction that it is easy to forget what is truth and what is pure speculation. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  It was hard to put it down because the story flowed pretty quickly and easily.  Not on the same level as a Grisham novel, but still gripping.  I wanted to see if my guesses about the plot were accurate so I kept reading.


Brown makes some pretty audacious “fictional” claims about Jesus Christ and His relationship to Mary Magdeline, as well as Church History and the inerrancy of the Bible.  But as a friend told me, “writing in fiction was a easy way for Brown to make these audacious claims, because he can hide behind the fiction label.”  I do plan to read one of the many books refuting the claims of Brown, do you have any suggestions? 

If you haven’t read it, I can understand your hesitancy, it took me 4 years to get around to it.  You aren’t missing out on anything if you do decide to skip it.  But if you do decide to understand the controversy, it should be an easy task.  If you have doubts about your faith while reading the book, put it down and do some of your own research into church history and remember that the Bible is God’s inspired Word for us.

What are your thoughts about the book? How does the movie compare to the book?  

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How many cookies does the government spend on education? Healthcare? What about defense spending? This video helps make the federal budget a little easier to understand by using a favorite food: Oreos.

Produced by Ben Cohen and Truemajority it is a great informational video. I don’t necessarily agree with everything said, but just passing along great information.

Hattip Imitatio Christi.

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