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From the Chicago Tribune

“The conflict in Darfur has spread to two neighboring countries and is now in a “free fall” with 6 million people facing the prospect of going without food or protection, the departing UN humanitarian chief said Tuesday.”

“[Jan]Egeland [departing UN Humanitarian Chief] blamed the Sudanese government, parts of the rebel movement, ethnic leaders in Darfur and the government of Chad for fueling the war, which began in 2003 when rebels from ethnic African tribes rose up against the Arab-led central government. The government in Khartoum, Sudan, is accused of retaliating by unleashing the janjaweed militias of Arab nomads, who are accused of the worst atrocities.”

” “At the moment I think it’s more than sad to see that grown men with jackets and ties like me sit and quarrel [over] what is a `hybrid force’ … while women and children are dying,” Egeland said.

“I’m happy to note that in nine months we might have this force, but what about the next nine days where it could collapse completely?””

If getting our first Christmas Tree wasn’t enough excitment for one weekend, we stopped at a friend’s house on Friday around 3:00pm to drop off something and Christy saw that they have the first season of 24 on DVD. Now I have seen every episode of 24 ever made up to this point. Christy watched most of Season 5 (last year) with me.

She decided that we should borrow the DVDs and watch the first season and eventually watch them all at some point. Note the time again, between 3pm on Friday afternoon and 10:30pm Sunday night we watched 20 hours of 24! We also got out tree, did Christmas shopping, went to church and other things in between all the 24. It was absolutely great!! Nothing like cuddling on the couch with your wife and seeing Jack Bauer in action!

Christy is the best wife ever!

Christy and I went yesterday to cut down our first Christmas Tree together. This has been a part of my family tradition until Mom decided to go “fake” on us. Christy’s family had a real tree for most of her growing up too, but now partkaes in “fake trees” too.

We went to the Millbrook Tree Farm in Daleville and cut down a nice scotch pine about 6.5 ‘ tall.

Here are some pics to chronicle the adventure:

We found the perfect tree!


Equal opportunity cutting…

Final product… a masterpiece for our first Christmas together!!!!

Christy went out on a limb the other day and tried a recipe out of my Runners World magazine called Lentil Taco.

It wasn’t too bad at all, but it probably helps if you like lentils! This is supposed to be just as healthy as a real Taco, if not better!

She did a great job and it tasted pretty good.