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I’ve not been a huge environmentalist, advocating for the end of SUVs, or hugging trees, but a recent study may change that:

” According to study about global warming at Cornell, “weedy vines like kudzu, honeysuckle and poison ivy could increase by as much as 70 percent with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas that’s driving global warming. Among the plants expected to do particularly well in an environment rich in carbon dioxide is ragweed.” Need any more reasons to be concerned about global warming?”


“On the other hand, the climate change and CO2 in the air will be good for aggressive, weedy plants such as poison ivy.”,9171,1176828,00.html

so now I think I’ll start a campaign to end global warming… we definintly don’t want poison ivy becoming more dangerous… yuck… kill it all I say!

ok so I really don’t get a summer vacation but I am on vacation this week…

Guess what I did…

cleaning my mom’s house and garage… getting rid of 20 some years of junk…

Not mine!!!

But my sister’s… and some other people from home!

What a great weekend for graduation party fun!!

This weekend, Christy organized a reunion campout at her Marion Sunday School teacher’s house which was great. The house has a nice little pond with fish, paddle boats, and canoes. We also had a bonfire with hot dogs and “pudgie pies“, you know, the ones you put into the pie iron and cook in the coals, we had pizza, blueberry, and cherry ones.. YUMMY!! Here is one collection of recipes Contest recipes, although a quick Google produced 675 recipes. It was the first time I had really gotten to hang out with some of her IWU friends, at least for any extent of time. It was a sweet time… We also played some volleyball and they had a surprise party for Christy… Christy and I got a little sunburnt from hanging out on the water, they had this floating little dock thing that we paddleboated too… while canoeing I also soaked her, by using the paddle to splash water on her! She did deserve it though, just don’t ask me why!! This morning we went to her IWU church Brookhaven Wesleyan and then out to Mancino’s. Now we are just relaxing, waiting to go help out at Youth Group and enjoying each other’s wonderful company!

its the weekend… YIPPEEE!!! and no more rain hopefully :)

This all began like on Thursday morning. It has stopped raining at times, the road was almost dry driving home last night.

supplied by

hopefully they are wrong and it will dry up… but in the words of Jeff, “This is just a good soaker rain.” What a funny guy. We had a nice visit today, him and Zeeb brought the fixings for a nice Omelet brunch… omelets and bacon!! good luck in Liberia Jeff.. we will miss you.

“I have loved you,” says the LORD. Malachi 1:2 NASB

God love me — not merely bears with me, thinks of me, feeds me, but loves me. Who is it that loves you? God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the Almighty, All in all, does He love me? Even He? If all men and all angels and all the living creatures who are before the trhone loved me, it would be nothing to this — the Infinite loves me! And who is it that He loves? Me. He loves me, an insignificant nobody, full of sin — who deserved to be in hell, who loves Him so little in return — God loves me. And how did He love me? He loved me so that He gave up His only begotten Son for me, to be nailed to the tree, and made to bleed and die. And because He loved me and forgave me, I am on the way to heaven, and I shall see His face and sing His praises. He loved me before I was born; before a star began to shine, He loved me, and He has never ceased to do so all these years. When I have sinned, He has loved me; when I have forgotten Him, He has loved me; and He will love me when my knees tremble and my hair is gray. He will bear and carry His servant; and He will love me forever and ever.

Strengthen My Spirit: Daily Devotional Insights from Charles Spurgeon

This is today’s (May 13) devotional. How amazing that someone, anyone could love us that much, especially since He knows EVERYTHING about us. What an amazing love. Thank you Lord for loving me so much.