So running last week I hurt my knee. It hurt like crazy feeling like I busted it pretty bad and maybe needed surgery. It started on Thursday at Shadyside. I had to dodge this guy who was walking and in trying to get out of my way stepped right into my path (ugh). It felt fine, when I started running on Saturday it hurt a little bit, but what doesn’t hurt? So I kept running. About 3/4 through it started hurting more, so I stopped, no sense getting hurt before the mini-marathon. After stretching it hurt to walk up the steps to my pad, so I iced and went on my merry way. Christy and I hung out all day with me gimpping along. The pain subsided only slightly by Monday, so I went to Indiana orthopedic Center, Anderson and had it looked at (thinking a torn meniscus or something) Doc Jones said I had “Patellar Tracking Disorder” and looking at WebMD this accurately describes my feeling:

“A dull ache under, around, and/or at the outer edges of the kneecap. Pain can occur during physical activity. Current research suggests that the pain may be due to the contact and pressure of the malaligned kneecap on the underlying thighbone. Pressure, and therefore pain, are greatest when the knee is bent at 30 to 90 degrees.”

Except I don’t know if I’d say it was a dull ache! So I’m wearing a brace for awhile, and hanging out to see how I feel for the Mini. I should still do fine, ice and rest, and do some elliptical training. What a crazy weekend!! I’m very pleased that I’m fine, but it definitely hurt a lot!

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