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I worked with Connie and Monica while I was at Taylor. This is a sad day for the TU community.

Students, Staff Involved in Fatal Crash

April 26, 2006

Updated: 5:25 p.m., Thursday, April 27
Taylor University officials report that a van carrying professional staff and students was involved in a collision with a semitrailer on Interstate 69 near Highway 18.

Four students and one employee were killed in the accident, including:

Whitney E. Cerak, Gaylord, MI (photo)
Freshman, Undeclared major
Selected to be an Orientation Group Leader
Older sister Carlie is a Taylor student

Laurel E. Erb, St. Charles, IL (photo)
Junior, Art major

Bradley J. Larson, Elm Grove, WI (photo)
Senior, History major; Philosophy minor
Intended to go to law school

Elizabeth A. Smith, Mt. Zion, IL (photo)
Senior, Exercise Science major; Psych minor
Active in student leadership
Served as TWO ministry director
Active in promoting diversity awareness

Monica Felver, Creative Dining Services

Large Photo (.jpg)
Indiana State Police Release (.pdf)

One student and three employees were injured in the accident, including:

  • Laura J. VanRyn, senior
  • Vickie Rhodes, Creative Dining Services employee
  • Connie Magers, Creative Dining Services employee
  • Michelle Miller, Creative Dining Services employee

Laura VanRyn and Michelle Miller suffered serious injuries and are currently recovering at Parkview Hospital. Vicki Rhodes and Connie Magers are recovering at Marion General Hospital.

Updated: 2:20 p.m., Thursday, April 27

Funeral Arrangements, Memorial Services and Prayer
No information is yet known regarding funeral arrangements. Details regarding memorials and funeral arrangements will be shared as they become available.

Prayers and condolences for the Taylor community can be posted in our prayer forum.

A Vespers service, continuing Wednesday night’s time of corporate sharing, singing and grieving, will be held Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. in Rediger Auditorium.

A memorial service will be held on May 7 in Rediger Auditorium

Inauguration Information
After prayerful consideration and discussion, Taylor University officials have decided to proceed with the inauguration of Dr. Eugene B. Habecker tomorrow as scheduled at 10:00 a.m. in the Odle Arena.

Our decision was based upon our desire at this time especially to renew our commitment to one another as a Christ-centered faith community and to honor the memories of the students and staff members involved in Wednesday’s tragic accident. We desire to bring our students, faculty, staff and honored guests together, perhaps not with the original sense of celebration and anticipation we had planned, but rather as a demonstration of an intentional commitment to one another and to those things to which Christ has called us.

Campus Visitation Day
Campus Visitation Day will proceed as scheduled, although the format may change. If you would like to reschedule your visit for another time, please call the admissions office at 800.882.3456 (after 5pm: 765.730.1999).


  • Friday: Classes canceled
  • Saturday: Taylathon canceled; Rescheduling will be considered next week
  • Thursday: Classes canceled
  • Thursday: Athletic events postponed
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Wow, another sunny day!! Too bad they are going to end for a few days again. But I suppose one must try to enjoy them as much as possible while there is time! Too bad work often gets in the way of being out in the wonderful sun. Oh to have a wireless network and to sit outside!

Let’s see… Saturday, Christy & I went to Wabash to watch JoAnna play in a double-header. They could have won if other people would actually catch the ball and throw well. She did really well!! Good Work JoAnna!! Their house is really nice, too. It was my first adventure there, they forgot to give me a room, but I guess it is time to move out, oh well! They are still great. Afterwards we stopped to see some of her friends in Marion. They were working in a friend’s yard and we put our two cents in and did a little bit while talking with them. It was fun to get my hands a little dirty, and I guess I got a bug or something b/c we spent much of Sunday cleaning my place. But it sure looks better and feels better!!

Sunday, Dru also moved in… We chatted for quite awhile and ended up having a little barbeque in the back yard! Got to meet some of the neighbors and used the FREE grill Jeff and I got at the beginning of winter. It works great!!! Nothing like burgers, corn on the cob, and cantaloupe! Wow what a day!!

I guess that’s the weekend in a nutshell… it was quite a good time, relaxing and enjoying the sun and Christy’s company too!

This came off a listserv I’m on at work. Hope I’m not breaching copyright or anything!

I will not die an unlived life.
I will not live in fear
of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days,
to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible,
to loosen my heart
until it becomes a wing,
a torch, a promise.
I choose to risk my significance,
to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom,
and that which came to me as blossom,
goes on as fruit.

-Dawna Markova

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So running last week I hurt my knee. It hurt like crazy feeling like I busted it pretty bad and maybe needed surgery. It started on Thursday at Shadyside. I had to dodge this guy who was walking and in trying to get out of my way stepped right into my path (ugh). It felt fine, when I started running on Saturday it hurt a little bit, but what doesn’t hurt? So I kept running. About 3/4 through it started hurting more, so I stopped, no sense getting hurt before the mini-marathon. After stretching it hurt to walk up the steps to my pad, so I iced and went on my merry way. Christy and I hung out all day with me gimpping along. The pain subsided only slightly by Monday, so I went to Indiana orthopedic Center, Anderson and had it looked at (thinking a torn meniscus or something) Doc Jones said I had “Patellar Tracking Disorder” and looking at WebMD this accurately describes my feeling:

“A dull ache under, around, and/or at the outer edges of the kneecap. Pain can occur during physical activity. Current research suggests that the pain may be due to the contact and pressure of the malaligned kneecap on the underlying thighbone. Pressure, and therefore pain, are greatest when the knee is bent at 30 to 90 degrees.”

Except I don’t know if I’d say it was a dull ache! So I’m wearing a brace for awhile, and hanging out to see how I feel for the Mini. I should still do fine, ice and rest, and do some elliptical training. What a crazy weekend!! I’m very pleased that I’m fine, but it definitely hurt a lot!

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On Saturday, Christy & I decorated eggs at her apartment. That was a lot of fun!!
Then on Sunday I went back down and we went to Church with her family!! After church we had a BBQ!! It was delicous and lots of fun playing Settlers of Catan.

What a wonderful weekend of spending time with Christy’s lovely family! Posted by Picasa

I have been blogging a bit on Myspace… now its time to move up in the world to a real blog!

welcome me to blogosphere!! I’ll try to keep them both somewhat updated!

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